An Easy, Super Inexpensive {Possibly Even Free} Holiday Tablescape

I’m all about saving a little here and there, so I’m bringing you this tablescape in hopes that it will inspire you to think outside the box, work with what you have when decorating this holiday season & be creative with natural elements wherever you are…




I started by visiting my local Lowes Home Improvement. I went to the natural tree area and asked if they mind if I take some of the extra clippings that were laying around. The staff was extremely kind and even helped me and my daughter round up some scraps. Then I found wooden plate chargers in the $3 section at Target and added my everyday white dishes on top. You can also use your china that probably sits around and collects dust! (You’ll notice I used my wedding china in some of these photos to show you that look as well.) I found the wooden chips at Hobby Lobby, but here are a similar option, and wrote names on them to use them as place markers. You’ll notice I tried using a white paint marker but that didn’t show well, so I suggest black or something metallic. In the end, I just used a Sharpie. I found white napkins (here is another option) and some candles at Homegoods. The silver strand of globe lights I also found at Target for $5 in the Dollar Spot.

First, I placed the tree clippings in a thin layer down the center of the dining table. I also added some white candlesticks that I have from IKEA and placed the strand of lights on top of the greenery. I found bakers twine I had laying around the house. (You’ll see half of it was stained with green marker, so I obviously didn’t use that part.) Then I tied little pieces of twine around the white napkins and added a little scrapping of tree greenery to each napkin.



dsc_0701 dsc_0702


fullsizerender-28 fullsizerender-16

The wood & marble stands I had in my collection at home. If you don’t have ones just like this, you can also use clear glass or white cake stands you may have laying around in your home. I also have seen little white ones in the Dollar Spot at Target. Finally I added some fur pillows that I already had in my home, and the plaid throw you see on the chair is actually a blanket scarf I had in my closet that I purchased at Target last year.

Listen… The point is- take an inventory of the items you have in your home. What do YOU luv? Incorporate those items. I especially encourage you to use neutral items like white, wood and/or glass. Neutral items can be incorporated easily with almost anything. If you don’t have a set of white dishes already, check out the link I listed in this post. About a year ago, I got rid of all of our colored dishes, and we use the same set of white dishes every day now. They’re appropriate for almost any occasion, affordable, and IMO, there’s no reason to have an over-abundance of dishes laying around taking up cabinet space.

When I used to take clients, I always told them to take an inventory of their items before we started. I told them to go through their items and ask themselves 2 questions with each piece… 1) Does it have a purpose? 2) Do you LUV it? If the answer to both of these questions is “no”, get rid of it. When you do this, it makes decorating SO MUCH easier. And creating a tablescape is no exception. This table setting includes items I use every day, items that I LUV and items from nature. Which made this tablescape cost next to nothing.

I hope you find some kind of inspiration from this post! Let me know what you think! Happy holidays and happy decorating!




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