Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Today starts the coveted Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Early access online shopping starts for Icon and Ambassador status cardholders. These 2 statuses are based on what the cardholder spends per year. For them, they can start shopping at 12:30 EST today! Here’s the breakdown for everyone else:

So if you aren’t an Icon or Ambassador, but you do have a card, you can shop tomorrow (Friday, July 12 at 12:30 EST)! If you don’t have a card, you can apply for one here and use it immediately to be able to have early access to the sale. You’ll even get a $60 Reward Note that you can use on your purchase the day you’re approved!

If you haven’t shopped it before, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is arguably the biggest sale of the year! What sets it apart from almost every other sale there is, is that the items that are on sale are brand new items that will go back up to full price after the 25 day sale period ends! So it’s new merchandise that will be full price the rest of the season at major discounts! As opposed to older merchandise being marked down. Make sense?

You’ll find Influencers all over social media sharing all verticals of the sale- from clothing, shoes, beauty, kids items to mens’ and home decor! There will be something of everything on sale! For ME… I try not to get overwhelmed with ALL the sale has to offer and use the sale as an opportunity to stock up on the basic items that I know I buy every fall and don’t want to pay full price for when the cooler weather comes around!

Things I’m eyeing for the sale:

  • Boots/Booties
  • Denim
  • A new curling iron
  • Possibly a new pair of sunglasses
  • Fall hats
  • Athleisure (This is a great time to buy brands like Nike and Adidas and your favorite leggings, while they’re on sale!)
  • Basic t-shirts/cardigans
  • This is almost always when I get a new leather jacket


  • Have the card so you can shop Early Access! You won’t believe how quickly things sell out, so if you wait a week for public access, many things are already gone.
  • Be prepared! Know what you’re looking for and try not to get overwhelmed. There are SO MANY good deals, but try to have a game plan of what you really want to buy now that you’re going to absolutely LUV and feel like was a good investment and stick to that! Try not to overspend and give yourself buyer’s remorse! Make the purchases you know you’ll wear or use over and over again, instead of buying just to buy!
  • SHOP ONLINE! The store is total mayhem. Not only is it crazy in there, but they don’t have near as much as online does! Let us Influencers do the hard work for you and find all the goodies and shop from the comfort of your own home with no lines! But be ready to act fast- don’t think that just bc you add something to your cart, it will be there later! If you’re eyeing it, grab it! You can always return it later… Nordstrom has an amazing return policy!

Check back soon for all my favorite picks! Thank you so much for allowing me to be your shopping resource!

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