Finally… A Razor I LUV- Meet Flamingo Review

I’d never really met a razor I LUV’d. I typically buy all different kinds of razors, yet ultimately always reach for my husband’s. Until I met Flamingo… I was approached by the new brand of razors and personal care products to try out their new razor (and a couple other products) and honestly jumped at the chance, since I’ve been looking FOREVER for something that works and leaves my legs feeling smooth.

Y’all know I would never endorse a product I don’t truly LUV myself. At first use, Flamingo gave me a close shave (hallelujah!) and I absolutely LUV the chic aesthetic of the products, too!

Here are the 3 products I’ve been using:

Flamingo Razor // Body Lotion // Foaming Shave Gel (only $5!)

The razor comes with a suction shower hook so it has a permanent home in my shower and doesn’t have to sit on a lower shelf (which, aside from looking nice, is a big perk for me bc the baby is always coming in the shower, and I like to keep my razor out of her reach). Added bonus, it’s just super cute on my shower walls. You can choose from 4 different color handles for your razor, but I LUV this bright pomelo color!

Linked below are the 4 colors available:

The Flamingo Shave Gel was awarded Best of Beauty by Allure Magazine! It’s designed to use on wet legs and formulated to condition skin, soften hair and add cushion to your shave. And it’s only $5!!!

I think another reason I haven’t gotten really smooth legs is probably also my lack of properly moisturizing. But typically I get razor burn if I apply lotion right after shaving. I was pleased to find that I was able to use the Flamingo Body Lotion right after shaving without getting razor burn AND the lotion is formulated to moisturize without leaving your legs feeling sticky, which I really LUV in Florida humidity! (Also, it’s cruelty free, FYI!)

The best way to try the razor AND the other 2 products I’ve been using (the shave gel and body lotion) is with the razor kit they offer in all 4 colors. It comes with the razor, shower hook and a smaller size of each the lotion and shave gel. (This is how I started!)

Plus, you can bring it in this cute little case it comes with when you travel, so you have everything you need…

Other products Flamingo offers are a face wax kit, a body wax kit, ingrown hair spot treatment and more:

If you try out any of the Flamingo products, let me know! I’d LUV to know what you think too! Stay tuned to my Instagram stories to hear more about my personal experience w

*Thanks to Flamingo for sponsoring this post! Affiliate links were used throughout the post, which means I get a commission if you purchase items at my recommendation. As always, all opinions are my own, and I would never endorse any item I didn’t truly LUV.

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