About Me



Thanks for visiting! I’m a Wife|Mom|Runner|Used-to-Be Interior Stylist/Kitchen Designer in the Tampa Bay area. My little venture started by sharing my LUV of affordable fashion & home decor via social media and has grown into an amazing endeavor. Finding a deal and giving life to an important space makes my heart flutter.

When I started this venture, my mom’s reply… “What took you so long?” From as early as I can remember, decorating and fashion have been my passions. When other children were asking for new bikes and Barbies, I was asking my mom for new bedding or wallpaper for my childhood bedroom. I’d often spend my early afternoons rearranging my room and organizing/styling my toy shelves. As a kid, I usually had to find things on a budget, so it quickly became my forte.

Whether you’re here because you’re looking for inspiration for your own home, or you’d like to stay up-to-date with affordable fashion trends, I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to sharing this journey with you!