A Modern Rustic Dining Room Edit

You may remember what my dining room looked like before. Nothing wrong with it. Just not my ideal decor. Neglected, with remnants of old items that no longer felt like me. (Sorry I don’t have a better photo. I actually forgot to take a proper “before” of how it was just before changing it, but hopefully you remember glimpses from my Instagram account.)


Like a lot of my room edits, this one kind of happened on accident. I had painted the beige walls Sherwin Williams Extra White a couple months ago. Then I decided I wanted to sell my rustic chairs for something more modern. So, I posted the chairs on Craigslist, and next thing I knew my chairs AND table were both gone. Then someone conveniently happened to ask me to buy my living room rug, so I decided I might as well switch the dining room rug to the living room and start the dining room from scratch. This is typical around here…

(See how I layered a Zebra Hide Rug with the rug you see above in my living room here… @LuvBec Instagram)

So, after a frustrating go-round at finding the perfect dining room table, I decided to go with something I really LUV and ordered the Restoration Hardware Flatiron Table I’d had my eye on. It was on sale (which you know is my love language) and I really loved the mix of rustic and industrial. OK, sold. I’d had my eye on the Madeleine Chairs forever too, and those were ALSO on sale, so check, check. Sold. Sold.

Because you know I LUV a good deal, I headed to my local West Elm and checked out which curtains they had on sale (the ones I wanted were sold out on their website). I rummaged the sale bin and found 2 108″ panels on sale in a gorgeous color, and I headed to the register feeling like I’d just hit the jackpot. (The panels are now on sale on their website as well, so here ya go… Luster Velvet Curtain – Blue Stone. You’re welcome.)

The rug was a tough one… I fell in LUV with two, so I brought in backup and asked all of my Instagram friends for help. (Thank you to all who assisted in this decision.) I’m sure I knew which one I really wanted, but I guess I just needed the extra nudge. There was no question- she was a winner by a landslide. Between the Beaumont Panel VI06 Rug and the Trebizond SM03 Oriental Floral Reflections Rug, I had one more piece of the puzzle in place. She just coordinated with the gorgeous new curtains too perfectly.

But are you ready for it??? The cherry on the cake? The peanut butter to my jelly. She’s gorgeous… The finishing touch that brought the whole room together. I’ve been coveting a brass piece from Lucent Lightshop for far too long. This one hasn’t even been released to the public yet, but it’s shining gloriously in my new dining room. If you’re looking for the perfect unique piece for a space in your home, contact Sarah with Lucent Lightshop. She’s the sweetest and so insanely talented, and she can help you find the perfect piece for your home. So without further ado, here she is, the statement piece I can’t stop SWOONING over…


I know… you’re speechless. I still am too.

We still want to make a few additions to the space. We want to install some wainscoting on the walls. I’ll probably add some end chairs soon, and I’m already thinking of all of the great things I want to do with my gorgeous new, larger-than-life doughbowl. But the big pieces are in place. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for sharing the journey with me and helping me decide on a rug. Stay tuned to my Instagram for more updates as they take shape…





?, Bec

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