Musical Pillows: How to Achieve Fall Style. And Beyond.

Of all the questions I receive, the most frequent pertain to my pillows. Yes… go ahead, let’s all give a collective… “You have a pillow problemmmmm!” It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard it, and I know it won’t be the last.

(If you haven’t seen this commercial before, this one was made for me.)

IMO, one of the easiest, quickest and most efficient ways to change up the look of a living space is to do a quick switch-a-roo of the pillows and throw blankets. Now to most, it probably looks like I’m buying pillows every day. But the truth is, I have several basics that I move around, and I just change the accent pillows every so often. It’s like one big, ongoing game of musical pillows.

Take a look at this photo of my family room from the end of spring:pillows1 pillows2

I have several basic white throw pillows, as white tends to be my canvas. I have a set from Homegoods, a set from Pottery Barn and I have several of the basic VIGDIS pillow covers from IKEA. (At only $6 a cover, these are great to have around.) During the spring and summer, I’m usually happiest when my space consists of mostly white. This LAPPLJUNG RUTA pillow from IKEA also likes to move around my home (it’s currently on my guest bedroom bed). One of my FAVORITE new accent pillows I’ve added to my collection is this awesome Swiss Cross Pillow by So Vintage Chic. She has amazing pillow covers, including custom covers that make amazing gifts (think custom baby shower gifts, Christmas presents, housewarming…) Check her out, and use code “LUVBEC” for 20% off your order!* You’re welcome. 😉

*{Coupon code is only active for one week from original date of this post, so act fast!}

When October struck, (OK, OK, several weeks before October. I have ZERO patience when it comes to waiting for the holidays.) I couldn’t wait to add touches of fall to my home decor. And some color.

I took out my favorite furry Homegoods pillows** (that I keep stored the rest of the year in Ziplock Space Bags). I actually bought these at Christmas time last year, but I couldn’t wait to get them out. For a week or two, my pillow situation consisted of all of my white pillows, bookended by my furry pillows. I threw a gray cable knit blanket I had in a basket onto the sofa to make the furry pillows feel more season appropriate. I was going for the “I know it is still technically spring, but I just can’t help myself” look. Did it work at all?


{**Sidebar: Whatever the question, furry pillows are always the answer. Say “YES!” to furry pillows. They add texture and dimension, and they’re a great way to add style to an otherwise traditional sofa situation.}

Skip to a week ahead, and I was ready to take the full fall plunge. Another pillow secret of mine: Homegoods double-pillow packs. Have you ever been to Homegoods and noticed they have sets of pillows that come with 2 of the same? I LUV them! This is a great way to create a base of pillows and ensure the right symmetry. Plus, they’re always an amazing price.

Here’s my first fall edit. (Note that the yellow pillows and white ones next to them both came from Homegoods double packs. I think the packs were $29.99 each, so that’s 4 great pillow covers and inserts for only $60!)


I took some neutral, textured pillows from the leather sofa in my front sitting room and brought them in here. (So, I basically just switched the pillows from room to room and added the yellow. Have I confused you yet, or are you still following?)

It only took me a couple weeks to decide I wanted to make another change, and I grabbed my navy Homegoods pillows from my guest bedroom. (These did not come from a double pack, but they are larger and super plush.) See how the musical pillows works?

pillows5 pillows6

You can’t see it in these photos, but my awesome navy tufted bench is tucked under a table right behind my sofa. These pillows bring the space together perfectly.

navy bench

So, here it is in a nutshell… buy basic pillows in super neutral colors (that YOU love). I highly suggest the Homegoods double-pillow packs. Find a couple great accent pillows, preferably some with texture. When bored with one look, play musical pillows from room to room. Continue as the seasons change.

Hope you got some useful information here that inspires you to make a space you LUV! Visit my Instagram page for more decor and fashion inspiration @luvbec. And if you need help styling a space of your own, email me for affordable E-design inquiries at 🙂

Luv, Bec

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A Paris and London Outfit Roundup, Part 1…

So, it’s kinda crazy- it’s my first blog post! A milestone I’ve resolved to meet for some time now. If you’re new to my Instagram, my name is Rebecca (AKA “Bec” or “Becca”), and I’m a wife and mom to 2. I’m a fashion & home decor enthusiast, but I get my main thrill in finding a good deal and sharing my LUV of affordable style!

Thanks for coming by and starting this journey with me. Bare with me as I have the tech-savvy of a 2-year-old (possibly less), and figuring out this whole blogging thing is certainly proving to be a work in progress…

I figured the best way to kick this blogging journey off is with a roundup of my outfit posts from my trip last week to Paris and London (which was amazeballs, btw), along with tips for packing the perfect basics to layer and re-wear, and finally to show you that fashionable street style doesn’t have to be expensive or overthought. So here goes…


Here’s a close-up of my easy & comfortable airplane style. I’m always comfortable in black on black, and I was able to re-wear some of these easy basics with other outfits, so the look was practical as well.


The sweater I’m wearing is actually a BCBG sweater that is no longer available, but here is a similar JCrew Sweater, paired with my favorite Topshop Distressed Denim. These New Balance Sneakers are a new favorite of mine as well, as they go with pretty much ANYthing and coordinate with my daily black uniform (I should have been a New Yorker). The inside of the sneakers are leopard lined, so this Leopard Belt tied the outfit together perfectly and is super affordable (my love language)!

When we arrived to Paris, I threw my hair up in a quick pony and threw on some easy, comfortable layers that would transition past sunset (and into temps in the 50’s; eeek)!


We’d been traveling for 24 hours so I wanted something comfortable and casual as we enjoyed dinner on the Champs Elysees and a little sightseeing. I’m LUVing these versatile gray distressed jeans, and they’re currently BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF! For the record, I’m a huge lover of American Eagle jeans, so do yourself a favor and grab another pair for 50% off if you’re in need of more jeans (and who doesn’t always need more jeans?!) I bought my Topshop faux leather jacket last year before a trip to LA, but linked is this season’s version. This was the best purchase EVER! I bring it pretty much everywhere I travel, and the animal-lover in me loves that it’s faux. And hence, affordable. The peep toe booties were under $40 and made for easy walking. The underpinning is a super soft, side-slit gray top from Zara, and is only $15.99! (Told you I’d always help you find a deal…)

I’ll finish this post with my street-style from our first full day in Paris.

IMG_2202IMG_2224 IMG_2151

Globe-trotting or not, I’m an American gal, and I LUV me some plaid and a baseball cap. This plaid flannel shirt is the perfect fall/winter layering piece. Wear it under a quilted vest, a polka dot sweater (or any crew neck sweater), open with a basic tank underneath or wrapped around your waist over a simple black dress. These white ripped ankle jeans are also American Eagle. (Get them 50% off if you buy them with another pair. Perhaps the gray ones I linked above. There ya go.) The fringe booties are Target last season, but linked is a similar pair that are awesome and currently on clearance for less than $25!

I’ll work on the second part to this post with my other outfits and some details of how I mixed and matched them for efficient travel style, so stay tuned. Got questions? Just ask. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from this first post. But I’m so excited to start this journey, and so thankful you’re coming along. Please let me know what you want to see me share more of! And any and all tips from you veteran bloggers are welcome… 😉

Luv, Bec

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