My Invisalign Journey with Bivens Orthodontics- Day 1

After years and years of debating correcting my smile and bite (again; I had braces as a child), today was the exciting day I started my Invisalign journey with Dr. Brian Bivens of Bivens Orthodontics (in Tampa, Florida). So I wanted to share a quick post of the start of my journey. Here’s my official before shots:

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Six weeks ago I went into Dr. Biven’s office for my first scan. The technology they use is incredible. I remember back in the day, when I had braces as a child, they had to create molds of my mouth with that gross putty-like compound that made you want to gag. Not in this case. They used digital imaging and scans to photograph all angles of my teeth and that was it! Zero pain or discomfort and super quick!

Dr. Biven’s used these photographs to describe the treatment that I would need and told me to come back in 6 weeks to start my treatment/give me my Invisalign aligners. So today was “6 weeks later”…

The process was beyond quick and easy and painless, and then the staff educated me on how to use my Invisalign and other important information about the process.

I learned that Dr. Bivens was one of only 2 orthodontists in the entire Tampa Bay area that had the technology called Dental Monitoring. DM is using your smartphone to take intraoral photographs of your teeth, making it so that you don’t even have to go into your orthodontist’s office to check on the status of your treatment. You simply download the personalized DM app to your phone, and your appointments can take place from the comfort of your own home.

In my case, I’ll scan my teeth once a week with the DM app on my phone. The results will be sent directly to Dr. Bivens, and he can send me live updates and advice right in the in-app messaging system. The app then tells me if it’s OK to change to my next aligner and will even show me updates of my before & after photos so I can watch the evolution of my smile changing!

You can read more about Dental Monitoring HERE.

I’m sharing some answers to the FAQ’S I’ve been getting so far, since sharing that I was going to be getting Invisalign, in my Instagram stories tonight. If you’re not seeing this in real time, you can find a highlight reel titled “Invisalign” on my saved highlights and I’ll be updating that regularly throughout the course of my treatment. It’s also where I’ll try to answer questions that I’m regularly receiving from you guys as the process ensues…

Here’s the MOST EXCITING NEWS!!! Dr. Bivens has decided to give MY FOLLOWERS ONLY the best promotion he’s ever offered his clients! But you have to act fast to receive it!!

From now until the end of 2019, Dr. Bivens will be offering $500 off Invisalign for you or a family member! Whether you decide you’d like to start treatment yourself OR it’s about time for one of your children to do so… this promotion is one you don’t want to pass. Typically, promotions are not stackable. BUT… if you come in and commit to treatment before December 19, 2019 (their last patient day of the year) you can use this discount on top of other discounts you may be eligible for (for instance, youR insurance discounts). It’s also a great time to cash in on your FSA/HSA funds that you be be losing at the end of the calendar year! So stack up those savings and come in soon and mention the LUVBEC PROMO to save!

So here’s my after with my aligners on! It’s hard to even tell from far away that they are on, which makes me very happy.

This was just a quick post to let you know about my first day and to share this exciting promotion with you guys! Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram for regular updates on my journey and feel free to always let me know if you have any questions!

*Dr. Bivens is trading my Invisalign service for my honest review and opinion of my treatment and for sharing with all of you. My daughter previously had treatment (braces) with Dr. Bivens and I worked with him, referred him & trusted him long before we decided to collaborate on this treatment. As usual, all opinions are COMPLETELY my own and I would never refer a product or service I didn’t fully believe in myself. This promotion is good for new patients only.

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