The Brand New, Family-Friendly Rustic, Modern Resort in Orlando We LUV Big Time

Being from Central Florida is kind of like being on a permanent vacation. Here in Tampa, we live only about a half hour from the beach and only about an hour and fifteen minutes from Orlando and all of the big theme parks. We also lived in Orlando prior to having children, so we’ve spent a lot of time at the local resorts. Having experienced so many of the Disney and Universal Orlando resorts, we’ve really had a chance to figure out what we like/don’t like, what’s best with kids and the best ways to accommodate your budget.

We recently had learned that Loews Hotels had just opened a brand new resort as one of their Universal Orlando properties. If you don’t know already know this, just like Disney has on-site resort hotels, so does Universal. And having spent some time in the hospitality industry in Orlando, I know very well that Loews properties have an exceptional standard of luxury, while still being affordable and very kid-friendly. I’d previously spent time at some of their other properties like Portofino Bay, the Hard Rock Hotel & the Royal Pacific Hotel, but had seen that Loews had recently opened 2 new resorts, including Cabana Bay Beach Resort and the one I had my eye on… Sapphire Falls Resort.

My daughter’s birthday was coming up, and she’s suggested a weekend in Orlando, in lieu of a birthday party. (Uhhh… yes, please!)  Let me think… a bunch of kids and a stinky bounce house, or cocktails by the pool and family time away… no brainer. And let’s get real, at the cost of birthday parties these days, we could have a little weekend away for almost the same price. Since my birthday is only a week after my daughter’s, we enlisted the company of our best friends (mine and my daughter’s happen to be in the same family) and we hopped online to pick our resort destination…

(*Let’s pause for a personal admission: So… I was torn with whether to bring my nice DSLR camera or not. I typically take my photos for the blog with my camera, but I really wanted you guys to get an organic look at the resort, as we were seeing it, and sometimes the camera can “spruce” things up a bit. When my friend and I started researching online which resort we wanted to stay at, we went straight to Google Image to find REAL pictures people had posted at the resort. You can find plenty of stock photos on the resort’s website, but since the resort is so new, I wanted you guys to get a real feel of our experience with quick photos I snapped throughout our trip. I hope these photos do just that for you, but feel free to check out the Sapphire Falls website to see a beautiful array of photos. This is a great video of the resort as well, as posted by the Orlando Sentinel.)

Sapphire Falls is a brand new Loews Hotel property that opened last July. From the moment you enter the hotel, it’s obvious how brand-spankin’ new the resort is because it even smells fresh and new! The sheets still feel extra crisp, and everything just feels exceptionally clean and shiny. (That’s obviously the clean freak in me talking.)

The check-in process was seamless, and our kids enjoyed the oversized lobby with fun seating and “beach balls” (as they called them) on the ceiling. I just admired the gorgeous mix of rustic and modern decor, the beautiful use of marble with reclaimed wood and midcentury modern furniture mixed with farmhouse style. I mean- whoever designed this space hit the nail on the head with the perfect blend of styles. I can DEFINITELY see why they said the decor of this resort would speak to me!

Near the elevators, there are these huge bay windows with a panoramic view of the pool. The kids could not WAIT to get down there and check out the scenery. We had dinner reservations our first night off-property, so we had a couple hours to chill and check out what the resort had to offer. So, we went down by the pool so my friend Val and I could have a margarita (duh!) and the kids could take down some ice cream and french fries (parenting at it’s finest).

There’s an area of tables and chairs by the pool (you can see behind the kids in the photo above), where you can order food and there are several things for the kids to do. So Val & I enjoyed a few moments without kids yelling “Mom”, which was FABULOUS. They were occupied, we could see them, and we actually felt like we were on vacation. (Winning.) There is an adorable firepit area with sand, so the kids built sandcastles, and then they’d splash around in the little splash area (the kids LOVED this), coming back intermittently for bites of french fries and ice cream the amazing staff brought by. Truth of the story… an amazing staff member named Christian heard the boys fighting with the girls over a broken sandcastle and noticed that us Moms were so enjoying our “break”. So he brought ice cream over to the kids (with our permission) making them promise they’d get along. They took the bait, and we enjoyed a few more moments of quiet before heading up to get ready for dinner.

Let me briefly talk about the insane room we stayed in… (Thank you Loews Hotels!) We arrived to a suite, which was INCREDIBLE having 5 kids with us. The decor was amazing! (Can I just say I’m OBSESSED with the lighting throughout this entire property?!) The beds were comfy, and we LOVED that we had a separate bathroom the kids could use, a living and dining space the kids could play in while we could relax and get ready in our own room, and the wet bar and fridge to stock our wine {cough}… I mean… food and juice boxes. 😉 The kids favorite part… we had a doorbell. Kids are easily entertained.

Our master bathroom had a barn door, which I know you’d all agree with me was just the cutest thing ever. Even cooler… the kids had a separate tub/shower than our large walk-in shower. I’m a little spoiled after our bathroom renovation, so I still LUV to have a really large shower when we’re away from home.

Plus,the view from our room of the river to City Walk was gorgeous!

Which brings me to my next point… You can actually take the riverboat to all of the Universal theme parks and the City Walk area. On the last day there, we actually took the boat to lunch before checking out, and it was so convenient! Not having to fight (or pay) for parking was an added perk, but the fact that the kids also enjoyed the ride was an added bonus.

When you’re ready to go back, you just look for the sign to Loews Sapphire Falls, and jump back on…

Day two brought a lot of fun! We hung by the pool and actually rented a cabana to decorate for my daughter’s birthday and have a place we could set up the pack and play for the baby. We had the space for the whole day, with our own waiter and chairs. I would say if you have a big group, it’s worth every penny, if your vacation budget allows it. When you (or your kids) need a break from the sun, you can lounge and watch TV (or in our husbands’ cases- sports). Whether or not you have a cabana, the pool is HUGE and has tons of seating all around! I highly recommend the Grapefruit margarita and the fish tacos. 🙂

Lastly, I HAVE to tell y’all about the amazing dinner experience we had on property. The resort has a few charming restaurants including The New Dutch Trading Company that is a grab-and-go type foodery that has the most AMAZING farmhouse decor. Can we talk about this black and white patterned tile?! Again.. the lighting!

There’s also Strong Water Tavern (which we didn’t get a chance to try), but again, the decor is fabulous and it looks like it would be a great place to check out sans-kids for a relaxing date night. Apparently they serve up vintage rums (by your own rum specialist) a ceviche bar and a patio overlooking the lagoon. Sounds amazing.

We had the pleasure of dining at the Amatista Cookhouse on property our last evening at the resort. Let me just say, I may not be a “foodie” per se, but I consider myself a connoisseur of restaurant decor and ambiance, and I can spot a winner when I see one. From the food, to the service (thank you to our server Michael for the friendly and wonderful service) to the ridiculously amazing decor (think your favorite beach restaurant meets Restoration Hardware), everything was top notch. I HIGHLY recommend the sofrito and my husband said I should make sure to mention the crab cakes. (I can’t speak for them though, because he didn’t share. I’m not kidding.)

We finished our night by the firepit I mentioned. The staff sold little s’mores kits, so the kids enjoyed making s’mores and playing in the sand, while us “grown-ups” enjoyed sitting around the fire over a glass of wine.

My only complaint I have about our trip, was that it had to end. I can assure you we will be back. Luckily, we’re close enough we can make this a recurring event. So the only question is… when shall we go back? 🙂

If you have any questions at all about the resort or my suggestions for things you should do while in Orlando, don’t hesitate to comment below! I’d also LUV to know what your favorite things to do in Orlando are, or where you might like us to explore next… We’re ready for another adventure! 🙂 Thanks for everything Loews Hotels! You have a friend in me. #LuvBecTravels

*Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Loews Hotels and Sapphire Falls Resort. That means that I made arrangements with the resort prior to our stay. I hope you trust that I would never let that get in the way of sharing my very own opinions and would never convey feelings that were not 100% my own. Thank you again for reading and hope you enjoy!

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Luv, Bec #TuesdayTrend: My Favorite Shoes for Spring

As soon as the warm weather hits, I’m ready to revitalize my wardrobe for spring/summer. And I like to start from the ground up! I’ve got my eye on several new styles, but I’m giving you a sneak peek of some styles that are sure to be trending this season. Think block heels, ankle-wraps, natural materials, stand-out fabrics and perforated styles Also, be sure to add pops of bright color, classic sneakers and continue to see the backless mule and easy slides. This is my take on spring. Happy shopping… 🙂

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My Spring/Summer Reading List…

While on vacation last week, I finally got the chance to read a book that was gifted to me several months ago, but I just hadn’t made the time to read. They say, “Timing is everything”, and I think this was no exception to that rule. I haven’t made the time to read a whole lot of anything lately, other than blogs. So, after enjoying this book so very much on my trip, I’ve decided I need to read the next book by the same author and possibly some others. So, I’ve compiled a list of books that I find appealing, all that can be purchased through Amazon, and I’m committing to watching a little less TV this spring/summer and a little more time to knocking out some of my reading list. In case you’re interested, I’ve linked some of the books I’m considering below…

(Link to the book you see in the photograph.)

(Link to the mattress you see in the photograph.)

(Link to the sweater you see in the photograph.)

*Disclaimer: Some of the product links on this site are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase something from these links Luv, Bec receives a commission. I hope you trust that I would never let that get in the way of sharing my favorite products with you. Thank you again for reading and hope you enjoy!

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Cold Shoulders & Peep Toes. Ready for Spring…

Come March, I’m ready to throw on my white denim and floral prints. Cold shoulder tops are right on trend. Here I incorporated a nice transitional peep-toe bootie by Vici and a blush tote, and I’m ready for spring…

Shop some of the items I’m wearing and some of my {similar} favorites:

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How I Added a Small Workspace to Help Me Clear My Countertops {Plus, Some of my Favorite Small Desks, Chairs and Office Decor}

If you’ve ever read Love the Home You Have (if you haven’t, I highly suggest it), you’ve been versed on the benefits of clearing your countertops and the surfaces in your home. Having clutter-free countertops can contribute to your overall peace of mind. For me personally, when I see a stack of papers and clutter on my countertops, my mind wanders into a space where I feel overwhelmed with all of the things I need to be doing. My last kitchen had a built-in desk, which I LUV’d. It was a space where I could organize all of my work/mom life items, and it felt somewhat detached from our eating space. The kitchen in my current home does not have a built-in desk. So, a year or two ago, I purchased a desk for my guest bedroom upstairs, and intended to have this space function as a guest bedroom/office space for myself. However, being on the second level, it just isn’t accessible enough.

I don’t have many empty walls downstairs, so bringing the desk down wasn’t an option (it’s pretty big). With that in mind, I decided I wanted to find a super compact desk for my bedroom. I wanted one that wouldn’t take up much space (or now make my bedroom feel cluttered), but enough to hold my computer, agenda and paperwork (mail) I need to access daily. I found this one at Homegoods, and immediately I knew it was the one. The natural mango wood blends well with the feel of our bedroom furniture and I added a simple metal chair.

Here are some of my favorite options for small and compact desks for all budgets .(There are several under $100!) I’ve also linked some great options for tower desks (which are great for space saving options as well)…

And some simple chair options for small workspaces:

The hardware that came on the drawers of the desk were 2 brushed brass simple knobs. I’m a big fan of dressing up furniture (and cabinets) by adding unique hardware. So when I saw this desk, I immediately thought it would be fun to change the knobs. I found a set of 4 gold/opal white egg-shape knobs at Homegoods and changed the knobs to make the desk a little more unique. Here are some of my favorite knobs. (I’ve even used some of these in my bathrooms and other furniture pieces in my home.)

Some of my favorite coffee mugs:

I LUV wall macrames for an organic, natural feel. This indigo dip-dyed one matches my bedroom rug perfectly, and blue is one of my favorite colors to add to a space. Here are some great options for wall macrames, if you’d like to add one to your space as well:

Some of my favorite organizational/decor/office supply options for a functional workspace:

Hope this has inspired you to declutter and add a workspace to your own home! Got any tips or questions… feel free to add them to the comments! And don’t forget to share how you’ve used any of my tips or recommendations to your Instagram with the hashtag #luvbecinspired for a chance to be featured in my stories or on my page.

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LUV is in the Air {Valentine’s Gift Guide for HER}

If your Valentine’s wish list hints have been a little too subtle OR you’re just stumped as to what to get that lucky lady in your life for LUV Day… there’s still a little bit of time left, and I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the items I have, LUV OR want for myself. With any of these, you’re sure to score major points this Valentine’s Day.

I’m currently obsessing over this jewelry designer and absolutely LUV’ing stackable rings. Jewelry is never a bad idea. Here are some of my favs rings that are sure to steal any gals heart…

And handbags… never a bad idea:

Other items I’m LUV’ing, including some items I’m currently swooning over for the home:

If you’re looking for your Valentine OR you want to treat yourself… hopefully you’ve found some inspiration. Happy LUV Day!

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Blogger Home Tour: Five Simple Ways to Add LUV to Your Home for Valentine’s Day

Hey y’all! Hopefully you’re making the loop and stopping by my home tour after visiting Deborah’s blog at B Vintage. If so, thanks so much for stopping by here as well. Is her home gorgeous, or what?! If you like what you see, I hope you’ll subscribe to LUVBEC.COM and maybe even give me a follow on Instagram. I’ve teamed up with some of my friends to share 5 simple ways we’re decorating for LUV Day! In true Luv, Bec-fashion, my decor inspiration is simple, minimal and consists of a lot of natural pieces and pops of pink.

Coming right off of all of the holiday hoopla, and just having taken down all of my Christmas decor, I just can’t stomach the idea of adding a ton of decorations back into my clean spaces. Having said that, my kids LUV when I make a point to honor each holiday and do something that makes the day stand out and feel a little special. And let’s get real… I’m a decorator. So, NOT decorating for a holiday pretty much goes against my religion. So for my Valentine’s Day decor, I keep it very simple with fresh spring flowers in hues of pink and red and my favorite way to add in simple holiday decor… throw pillows & banners/garland.

I got this simple mirrored “I LOVE YOU” banner at Target last year, but I’ve linked some other similar options for you at the bottom of this post, along with some other awesome options to add a little LUV to your home. The  amazing scripted”love” art was custom-made for me by my friend Aedriel. It’s usually above my desk, but I always rotate it down into the family room this time of year, as it’s obviously the perfect decor for Love Day.

Shop the these amazing cactus silk Moroccan vintage pillow covers & the other items you see here in my family room:

Fresh flowers are the number one way I LUV to add Valentine’s Day and spring to my home. I’m a big advocate of picking up some inexpensive floral at the grocery store each week. I can usually get a simple bouquet for only $4, so for less than a cup of Starbucks, I can add a little happy to my home for the week. Having fresh flowers around just makes me smile. Life is short- add happy wherever you can. 🙂

Another simple thing I like to add to my kitchen table each holiday are decorative straws. My kids LUV to throw straws in their cups, so adding some decorative ones to a clear mason jar is a little something simple for the kids and it adds a simple touch of the holiday to the space. I usually find mine in the Dollar Spot at Target, (I found the ones photographed there as well.), so for $1-3 dollars, I have a cute decorative item on my table that makes the kids happy. Win. Win.

Shop my new kitchen table, chairs and lighting (along with some other items you see in this kitchen space) here:

Finally, my daughter’s room is usually the space that gets the most LUV. She really LUV’s when I add a decorative banner to her chalkboard. I found this one also in the Dollar Spot at Target.I also found the pink sparkly pillow you see in the Dollar Spot for $5. But bonus- it matches her room, so it can stay put after the holiday. She also picked out her own natural greenery last time we went to Lowe’s together and her own little pink planter. Adding that to her desk also brought in a cute touch of pink… always need at least a bit of greenery in each room. 😉

I’ve linked her pink bed, floral bedding, pendant light (THAT IS ON CLEARANCE!) and some of the other items in my daughter’s room:

However you add LUV to your home, I hope it’s something that puts a smile on your face and brings happiness to your heart.Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Throw a cute decorative pillow on the couch or a pink throw blanket and some bright fresh flowers, and you have an instant update. I’ve compiled links to some of my favorite Valentine’s Day decor that will help you add a little LUV to your home in simple ways as well…

Thanks for stopping by! Next in the loop, you’ll be stopping by Kim and Lacey’s blog Styled with Lace where they’ll be sharing a tablescape done at Lacey’s home. Kim and Lacey are a mother/daughter team that share tons of inspo on their shared blog, and I know you will LUV them as much as I do!

I’m honored to be sharing this tour with some amazingly talented ladies! After you check out Kim and Lacey’s blog, make sure to visit each of the participants’ blogs to see their LUV Day inspiration as well!

Kim and Lacey – Styled With Lace

Mysha – Remington Avenue

Ashley – House of Five

Deborah – B Vintage Style

And don’t forget… if you use any of my posts as inspiration in your own lives, please post a photo to Instagram with the hashtag #luvbecinspired! Seeing how my ideas translate to inspiration in your own lives makes me incredibly happy! As always, I appreciate you stopping by. Don’t forget to spread the LUV

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Reliving Our Trip to The Oscars with World Market

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Three years ago, we had the amazing experience of attending The Oscars. If you consider my bucket list… there’s nothing I’d have ranked higher… and it happened. To date, it was the most amazing night of my life, and one I know my husband and I will never forget. Each year since, I try to make viewing the event from home super special. Whether sitting and watching it with my husband, kids or girlfriends, I always make a big deal of cuddling up on our sofa with fancy cocktails and appetizers & hor d’oeuvres and reliving the night that is forever ingrained in my memory.

This year, I had the honor of working with Cost Plus World Market to create the perfect night at home. If you, too, enjoy watching The Oscars (or any of the award shows), I’m showing you the items I used to create the perfect setting… (And if any of y’all are interested in seeing some photos from our night at The Oscars, stay tuned to the bottom of this blog post. But don’t skip yet, because I’m giving you some good tips for your own Oscar viewing experience first!)

Did y’all know that World Market has food? I mean, you see me regularly link their items for the home, but this opportunity really gave me the chance to dive into the Food & Beverage section of their website and see all of the options they had to offer for Easy Entertaining. (Side bar, to any of my local Tampa/Clearwater friends… a little birdie told me there may be a World Market store coming locally to us! I cannot confirm this 100%. But if this rumor is true, I know I’ll definitely be doing some of my food and entertaining shopping here if/when this should happen. I am thoroughly impressed after trying out their food delivery services!)

So honest truth, I’m not much of a cook. I LUV good, healthy food. But I REALLY LUV good, healthy, EASY food. So World Market’s Gourmet Delivered foods make entertaining super easy, super tasty, and you’re sure to have a spread that looks pretty too! I ordered the Perfect Picnic Antipasti Selection, and let me tell you… it is DELICIOUS! The flavors are complex and rich, and the kit arrived to my door, refrigerated, within a couple days. I added some grapes to the spread, threw them on this gorgeous marble cutting board with copper handle (which matches my new kitchen table gorgeously) and this large, slate cheese board that comes with 3 pieces of stone chalk, making it perfect for labeling foods or writing something festive! I LUV that I can order this set (for no more than it would cost me to round these foods up at the grocery store) and it arrives to my door without ever leaving the house. I can throw it on the boards, and I have an instant party (would also be great for a picnic or date night OR VALENTINE’S DAY). Like I said… easy. Here’s a couple photos to give you an idea of how it arrived.

When it’s time for the show, I’ll plug in a set of frosted bulb string lights for that Hollywood kinda feel and we’ll dim the lights to make it extra cozy.

I usually set the food up right in front of the sofa, so we can be really lazy and don’t have to miss a second of the show. Or the red carpet… because let’s get real, that’s my favorite part.

Even if the kids don’t make it up late enough to watch the show with us, I really like to include them in the fun. I remember coming home from LA that year, bringing them their “Best Sister” & “Best Brother” Oscar trophies and telling them all about our amazing weekend. The kids still like to talk about how “Mommy and Daddy met the people in the TV”. This year, I let the kids pop their own popcorn with this retro popcorn popper. My daughter and her friend had a blast pouring the kernels into the machine and watching it pop. Even if they can’t be up for the show, I LUV taking out their trophies and reminiscing as we watch the preshow and hang out together.

I’m so excited for this year’s show, and hope you have found some bit of inspiration today to use in your own plans for this award season. Let me know how you celebrate The Oscars and what you’re most excited about this season… (I, personally, cannot wait to see what’s trending on the red carpet!)

Shop this post:

Oh… and as, promised… a few shots from our night at The Oscars… Forgive the poor quality of the photos. These were snapped on my older iphone before my blogging days. 😉


Thanks for stopping by and reliving this wonderful night with me! Can’t wait to see how you celebrate this year!

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5 Must-Have Items to Create a Functional Entryway

When optimizing space is a crucial task, it’s important that you make not only aesthetically pleasing choices, but also functional decisions when decorating. Take our home, for example… Our garage is in the back of our home, but our front entryway is where we come in every day. It’s home to bookbags/purses/shopping bags, keys, sunglasses, bags (for the dog), jackets, shoes, mail and other misc. items. So… how do I keep all of this in one small space, organized AND looking clutter-free? Here are the 5 things I added to our entryway with both function & style in mind…

1) A console table/chest with drawers: For all the miscellaneous items that we need to store in this open area, drawers and baskets are crucial. If I had an entryway that we didn’t actually enter through, I wouldn’t necessarily need the drawers and would consider a console that was without them. But for our home, a chest with drawers and baskets is really useful.

2) A rug. Again, since we enter through this area, a rug under feet is crucial. This rug we have here may be light, but with the tan and brown shades, it’s actually masked stains pretty well. It’s faded over time because it’s gotten a LOT of traction. But the look is meant to appear vintage, so the fading hasn’t bothered me. I switch rugs around frequently, but this rug has been in our kitchen (under our table), in our bathroom and now our entryway, and it’s lasted us a pretty long time. You could also consider a natural fiber rug, if you’re worried about stains, but want something light and neutral.

3) A basket for shoes. (Ours is always over-flowing. But we couldn’t function without one in this space.)

4) A mirror. I’ll be honest. I like to check myself before I walk out. Plus, mirrors create the illusion of a larger space. So this mirror serves a purpose AND I think it makes the space appear larger. This mirror is really large and rustic. I, personally, favor circular mirrors. I LUV LUV LUV circular mirrors. Whatever shape you choose, consider a variation of shapes amongst the larger items in the space. If you have a rectangular console, a nice circular mirror (or opposing shape) can give a great contrast to the space.

5) A bowl and/or tray for small storage. We put our keys in a small bowl and our sunglasses line a tray on our console table. A tray can also be used for mail or other small accessories. The bowl really becomes a catch-all for small things you don’t want to lose.

Other things you may want to consider adding to a foyer/entryway:

a bench


a coat rack

a chair

an umbrella holder

a boot tray

the right lighting (possibly a lamp on a table, as well as overhead lighting)

and DEFINITELY add some floral/greenery.

Get the look of my entryway with these options:

Here are some great options for console tables, in many different styles and budgets:

Here are several options for mirrors that I LUV:

Some other items you might consider:

Hope this has offered you some sort of inspiration! Don’t forget to share whatever has inspired you (from any of my posts) on Instagram with the hashtag #luvbecinspired! I LUV to see what you guys take away from my posts and how my designs/fashion finds have inspired you! Thanks for stopping by!

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Celebrating 20k with $200 to RugsUSA!


Hey y’all! So the most amazing thing happened recently, I hit 20,000 followers on Instagram! Which is just absolutely AMAZING, HUMBLING, EXCITING and I’m ever-so grateful! I can’t believe that over 20,000 of you are invested in this journey with me. That 20,000 of you have supported me through this journey of channeling my passions and doing what I LUV! That I have 20,000 friends to share the things I LUV with! I’m humbled. I’m honored. And I am ever so grateful. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To honor you and thank you and show you how much I appreciate YOU, I’ve teamed up with the first company I ever collaborated with… the awesome RugsUSA! Head to my Instagram now and see the photo above to enter!

Here’s my newest RugsUSA rug I’ve added to my collection. I’m LUV’ing the neutrality it brings to my dining room and the fact that I can move it around and use it in other spaces when I get the itch to move things around (which I do often). I really LUV neutral rugs (beige, gray, black and white, navy blue) that I can switch from room to room when I want to create a new look in a space…

Here are links to some of the rugs currently (or previously) in my home:

And here are some other affordable rugs I LUV:

So, again, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for investing in this journey with me and showing me your constant LUV. I hope you’ll continue to stick around to see what the future has in store for Luv, Bec! I’d LUV to hear more about what you’re enjoying, what you want to see more of, maybe even if you aren’t LUV’ing something (respectfully, please). This journey isn’t just my own. It’s for you, too. So I hope you’ll reach out and share with me anything. And don’t forget to post your own photos on Instagram with the #LuvBecInspired, if you’ve found inspiration in any way from my social or blog. I’d LUV LUV LUV to see how you’ve translated it and all of your talents!

Now don’t forget to head to my Insta NOW for all the details to enter to win a $200 credit to RugsUSA.*

*This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram or any of its affiliates. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of any and all responsibility and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Open to US residents only.

Disclaimer: Some of the product links on this site are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase something from these links Luv, Bec receives a commission. Also, Bec occasionally receives free products and payment to feature items on this site. I take a lot of pride in endorsing products I love and I hope you trust that I would never let that get in the way of sharing my favorite products with you. Thank you again for reading and hope you enjoy!

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