Closet Reveal with CBD & NEAT Method Tampa

Hey y’all! Welcome to the reveal of my closet with Closets by Design and NEAT Method Tampa! Keep reading for a discount with both companies specifically for Luv, Bec followers!

 This project was one of my favorites to-date because it was SO necessary for my sanity level. In our last home, J and I had separate closets and mine alone was almost the size of the one we now share. (Honestly, it was almost a deal-breaker but we wanted so badly to live in this neighborhood, so I overlooked it.) Over the years of living here, our closet just got more and more out of control, and it got to a point where I honestly didn’t even know what to do with it anymore. Even though I regularly clean out my closet, as a fashion blogger, I’m adding to it so often and it feels almost impossible to keep organized. I knew we needed a better system and I KNEW I needed some help…

Enter the professionals: Brittany Halle of Closets by Design and Laura Frasor, Owner of NEAT Method Tampa.

First Brittany came over and analyzed the situation…


Brittany did an inventory of the amount of clothes we had in different lengths, the number of shoes, bags, hats, etc. and designed the closet system based on our specific needs. I was so happy she took the guess work out of the design for us. I don’t have experience with designing closets, so this was a new one for me. I LUV that Brittany was experienced and knowledgeable about what would work best in our small(ish) space, and created the design specific to us. And voila…


We added lots of drawers. I even have one for my jewelry and one for my sunglasses. The others are for my sweatshirts and running jackets. (I live in both, so I have a lot of them that never really had a great home.) J has a drawer for his ties, one for his belts, and he has drawers for all his underpinnings, so he can get completely ready in the closet/bathroom in the morning. (Note: I’m usually still sleeping in our bedroom when he’s up getting ready, so I LUV that this gave us more space to put these things in the closet.)

After the design was complete, Owner of NEAT Method Tampa, Laura Frasor came over and came up with a game plan to put the new closet to good use. Though it seems like it should have been an easy chore to simply put the items back in my closet, there is just so much stuff and I wanted it to look and feel really organized. Laura offered her services in exchange for me sharing her company to all of you, and I was ECSTATIC to work with her because I’ve been following NEAT Method for YEARS, and I think what they do is AMAZING!

One of Laura’s biggest suggestions for making your closet look more organized is to invest in the velvet space-saving hangers. I’d actually already made the change to these about a year prior (so I could make more space to shove more clothes in my closet) but what a difference they make even more now that I see them organized. She hung all of my clothing in different sections- short, medium and long-hang and color-ordered them. I LUV what a difference they make, not only for visual appeal, but it also makes getting dressed easier, when you can go straight to the color section of what you’re looking for.

I added this bench for use when I want to put on my shoes, when the kids want to sit and chill and/or when I need to step up higher to get things down from the top of the closet. I LUV that the pink and brass accents the colors in our bedroom that is adjacent and it’s easily movable to the corner of the closet when I want it out the way. It’s currently on sale AND an additional 15% off right now. (Details when you click on the hyperlink in the text at the beginning of this paragraph.)

J has his own {little} corner. Even though he has about the same amount of space as before, with the new shelving and the way Laura organized the items, everything is so much more accessible! Visually it’s all more appealing (obviously) but Laura gave everything a specific home, so getting ready is so much more enjoyable.

I LUV that Brittany suggested adding a pull-out hamper to the closet. Even though we still use a hamper for our regular clothes in another spot, we always needed a place for J’s dry-cleaning. (The items he wears daily go to the dry-cleaner, so there’s always a pile.) This was one more strategy to keep the floor of our closet clear… something that was NEVER an occurrence before.

The polished silver knobs were a great find as well! We’d used similar ones from an online designer boutique in our bathroom remodel (that is adjacent to the closet). So I wanted the fixtures in the closet to coordinate. However, I paid an exorbanate price for the knobs in the bathroom and didn’t care to spend this on the ones in our closet. I was blown away when I found these ones that look almost identical for pennies in comparison to the price of the others. If you’re looking for hardware, I’m definitely impressed with these.

My favorite part, though, is the tall shelving where I can display all of my shoes. Let’s be honest… I have KIND OF a shoe problem, so shoe organization was the #1 goal I had for our closet. We displayed most of my heels/boots and the shoes I wear most regularly.

But let’s be honest… I have WAY more shoes than you see on display on these shelves. And as Florida girl, a good majority of these shoes are sandals and flip-flops. So I LUV how Laura came up with the idea of using these neutral canvas boxes to organize the rest of the shoes around the bottom of the closet. She even added these adorable little gold tags so I know exactly what is where.

When I was selecting the lighting for this space, I wanted something modern that would flow with the fixtures in the surrounding spaces, but I also didn’t want it to break the bank, because the ceilings are pretty high and it’s certainly not a high-traffic area that a lot of people see. I couldn’t believe when I found this perfect flush mount for under $90! It also comes in different sizes and finishes and all are super affordable!

I absolutely LUV the way Laura used this acrylic file organizer in a creative way to organize my small bags and clutch purses. So creative and so functional! I also LUV this linen purse box to organize a lot of my smaller bags so that my shelving looks nice and NEAT. 😉

Well, that’s about it! I couldn’t be happier with the way the entire design came together, and I’m so grateful for the help of Brittany and Laura. And as a thank you to you guys for following along, they’ve offered you guys a discount on their services! Brittany has offered 55% off suggested retail price when you mention my name! She also does free consults, so make sure you check out her Instagram –> You can direct message her there to inquire about her free consultations!

And Laura has graciously offered a complimentary consult AND 10% off services booked when you mention my name as well! Think of all the things she could help you organize… closets, pantries, kitchens, garages, kids playroom closets… the possibilities are endless! Honestly, it might be a gateway drug. I always look at the pictures of organized spaces online and think, “Oh, I could totally do that!” And then days, weeks, months, years pass. And nada. They still sit in their unorganized clustered state of a mess. When she came and did the closet, I immediately wanted her to come back to do every single space in our home. I had so many people message me on Insta after she left that said they used NEAT in their respective areas and had the same thing happen… started with one space and called their organizers back to knock out the rest of the house! You won’t be disappointed.

You can reach Laura by email at or through her Instagram –>

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and checking out this post! I’ve linked for you all of the items I mentioned above in the carousel below (and some extras), so feel free to click the images below for shoppable links!*

*I’ve used affiliate links in this post, which means I get a commission if you shop using the links I’ve posted. Thanks, as always, for your support.


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