General Q&A: Botox & Fillers and My Experience with Jeuveau

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I’ve recently shared my experiences with injections on my Instagram and have had lots of questions about my experiences. Since so many of you are interested in my experience with Jeuveau and fillers, I thought I’d compile a quick list of your most asked questions and answer some of them here… If you guys have more questions on this topic, let me know and maybe I’ll do another post with before & afters, etc. But here is a general post with your most asked Qs & As…

But first, let me start by saying this… If you aren’t happy on the inside, NO amount of changes you make on the outside will change how you feel on the inside. And let’s be honest, how you feel on the inside is WAY more important than how you look on the outside! So… while I think everyone should do whatever makes YOU happy, I think it’s super important to evaluate your reasons for making cosmetic changes before doing so and making sure that your reasons are aligned with your goals.

I got Botox for the first time around 30 years old. I tried it several times over the course of a couple years but ultimately never really LUV’d it before. I felt like one eyebrow was always higher than the other, no matter how much tweaking we did. (And I’d have to go back in after to make the tweaks, which was never convenient.) I also just fell like it kind of hardened my face.

What I know now is that getting injections can be a sort of trial and error at first. Knowing and trusting your injector is imperative! It’s important that you know you have someone that truly listens to you and doesn’t treat their patients with a one size fits all mentality. I tried 3 other injectors before finding Loralee at U South Tampa. Loralee and I met because we’re both featured in a publication locally called KNOW Tampa, which features women leaders and entrepreneurs in the Tampa area. Loralee is featured for her outstanding reputation as one of Tampa’s best injectors, even being dubbed “The Best Injector in Tampa Bay”!

Loralee helped me find the perfect recipe to be super happy with my results and I mostly just contribute that to her experience and her consistent efforts to education and research in her industry. So, without further adieu, some of your questions answered…


Jeuveau is almost the same treatment as Botox, as it’s derived from the same bacteria, basically just a different brand. I’d had Botox and similar injections prior, and Loralee had encouraged me to try the Jeuveau as the price is much better and research was showing that, in some cases, it kicked in faster and laster longer. I can’t say I noticed it kick in much faster or last much longer but I’d describe my experience as almost identical to Botox, and it’s typically offered at a much better price.

For the month of October, Loralee is running a special for 40 units of Jeuveau for $325 (with the redemption of a provided Visa card).


The amount I have gotten each time has really fluctuated, based on different injectors and what I needed at the time. I will tell you this… in MY experience, I don’t always think the amount of units is indicative of the result. I’ve had 40+ units from an injector and felt unhappy with my results and then had 24-28 with Loralee and been happier with my results than with 40. I also think different strokes for different folks. I’ve learned I don’t typically like my crows feet area done bc I like movement around my eyes (I think it’s endearing) but other people don’t want movement around their eyes at all. So, to answer the question, I’ve had anywhere from 24-48 units but lately I think I’ve been more happy with around 28. That said, it could change next time, as we always make tweaks based on what I need/want at the time…


Botox (and similar toxins) do not hurt at all to me. You can ask for numbing before, but the pain is so extremely minimal to me that I never do. Lip fillers, on the other hand, do hurt IMO. I have always had them numb the lips before the filler injections but it still is kind of painful to me. Plus, I usually bruise after and feel the pain as the numbing cream wears off. I had lip injections by 3 different injectors and the pain has been comparable with each experience. But everyone is different with their thresholds for pain.
Sidebar: I’ve read not to take aspirin a week beforehand as it can increase bruising. I never take aspirin, so not relevant to me, but thought I’d share anyway.


It’s changed for me as I’ve gotten older, but typically I’m happy if I get 3 months before the Botox has worn off. Fillers typically last me anywhere from 12-18 months. Again, it can depend on the person and how quickly you metabolize the product, but that’s been my general experience.


Every injector is different and every product is different. I’ve shared above the special that U South Tampa is currently running on Jeuveau but you can also always check out her Instagram, as she’s always sharing monthly specials there.

Here is also a special Loralee is running on fillers for the month of October…

Loralee is offering something SUPER EXCITING to the first people to book their fillers this month! Mention my name and the special above to get a Nespresso Virtuo Coffee/Espresso machine for FREE with the purchase of 2 Restylane or Sculptra aesthetic fillers! See the ad above for details and call her office today to book to make sure you qualify for the deal as quantities are limited!

Other skincare items I’ve been using for quite some time to reduce the look of fine lines and skin damage:

Got any other questions? Drop them on this post and maybe I’ll do another post with answers to your other questions!

*Please note I am not a physician, nor am I equipped to give any kind of medical advice. This post is only to highlight my experience thus far and to share answers to some of the most frequent questions you guys have asked me. Please consult with your esthetician and medical professionals for any solid medical advice and to understand the risks involved with medical injections.

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