A Super Affordable Homework Space for my Tween/ Back to School Ready with Walmart

Desk Under $50 / Chair Under $80 / Calendar Whiteboard Set / Pineapple Corkboard / (similar) Lamp

I shared with you some of the items the kids picked out for back-to-school, (see post HERE, if you missed it) but Em and I were so excited with how her new little study corner turned out in her new bedroom that I couldn’t help but share it with you as well! We’d promised Em in the new house she’d get her “Big Girl Room” she’s wanted for years. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve been hearing me talk about this for at least 2 years, bc it’s something she’s asked for at least that long. So… for her bday in March, we agreed in the new house, we’d finally give her the room she’s been dreaming about.

So, here we are. We got her new bedroom furniture and bedding (will be sharing more about that soon), but something Em really wanted in this room was a new desk space and lounge area, and she asked if she could organize the spaces herself. With school back in session, a calming place to study and do her homework seemed like a great idea to me! So, I got online at my trusty go-to these days… WALMART! And I was so excited when I found the most ridiculously priced desk and chair for her! We kinda splurged on the rest of the bedroom furniture, since it’s something that will stay with her until she goes to college. But, in the last house, Em destroyed her desk pretty quickly with pens and markers and stickers, etc. so spending a lot on a desk and chair just wasn’t in the cards for her!

Em LUV’d this plain white desk, because she could decorate it and organize it any way she wanted and it’s simple, yet versatile. And I LUV’d it because it’s under $50!! She also really wanted a drawer to put odds and ends in, so she liked that THIS ONE had that. I looked online at several retailers for desk chairs and I was astounded at the price, being for teenagers. So when I found this acrylic desk chair that looks SUPER SIMILAR to chairs from other retailers, yet a small fraction of the prie, I was STOKED, to say the least. I kinda wish this chair was in my own little office, tbh. But I don’t have one. :-\

The desk was for store pick-up only, but the process was super easy! I placed the order online, and then the desk was in one of their lockers in the front of the store all ready for me when I arrived. Made it super easy- didn’t have to wait in any lines and they even brought it out to my car for me!

Em also wanted a calendar and corkboard, so she picked out those items herself. The calendar comes with markers and magnets and stickers, so she LUV’d that she had everything she needed to get organized. She also picked out the gold pen holder and desk organizer.

Lastly, she really wanted a comfy seat of some kind where she could read or play on her computer when she wasn’t at her desk. We actually found hers at another retailer, when shopping around one day. But Walmart has tons of adorable options at a VERY SMALL fraction of the price of other places I’ve looked. So if you’re looking for something similar, check out the items I linked in the carousel below:

Shop Super Affordable Desks & Chairs:

Shop Adorable (Super Affordable) Desk Accessories & Organization:

Shop Em’s Outfit & Other Cute Fall Fashion Items:

Em’s Plaid Top Under $10 (it’s longer in the back so perfect with skinny jeans or leggings / Em’s Skinny Jean Leggings Under $10

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