My Fav Nordstrom Fall Sale Items– Awesome Pieces to Take You Through Winter

I honestly don’t know why this sale isn’t getting more coverage! IMO it’s just as good as the NSale, but maybe even a little bit better for me bc it’s actually closer to a time wearing I’m wearing these cooler weather pieces. (During the Nsale, it’s always still in the 90s here! lol) If I would recommend shopping 2 things from this sale- it’s a good boot and a good cardigan! Those are 2 items I wear the heck out of in the fall/winter, and there are some incredible discounts! Check out the items I’ve linked below that I either have myself or have my eye on…

One of the top sellers/the jacket that sold out during the NSale immediately restocked and now one sale! I have it in the charcoal and it’s the COZIEST pullover you’ll ever own! It also comes in a zip up version. (Size down as it runs oversized. I have a small.)

I just got these and LUV them! I buy a new pair of Uggs every few years, bc I LIVE in them in the winter. I bought the black bc I recently got rid of my old black Uggs bc I’d worn them so long (I think over a decade) that there was actually a hole in the toe. lol But I also LUV the tan and gray! An amazing price for these, as Uggs rarely go on sale!
I have these over-the-knee boots and absolutely LUV them bc they do not fall down and they have the best size heel. A great price for a quality OTK boot!
I’ve posted about this tunic for years, and shared that I just bought another color during this sale bc I wear the heck out of it. Wear it with leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts, so versatile and a total deal! 
Absolutely LUV this duster for fall!
You guys! This tee is $12 and 4 great patterns/colors!
The most coveted sandal that everyone LUVS… IN LEOPARD… Yes, please!!
A good, basic turtleneck is a perfect staple for fall/winter. Tuck in to cute jeans with a belt and it’s a complete look. Also a great layering piece in the cooler climates.
This thermal is another great layering piece/staple for fall/winter. Comes in several colors.
I’m OBSESSED with these boots and want to pull the trigger on these boots so bad! These are a big trend this season and luv the little heel. SO cute!
LUV this cardigan!
LUV how you can wear this sweater off the shoulder(s) or as a cowl neck. A very versatile staple that can be styled so many ways!
I shared about this hoodie in a recent Nordstrom try-on but it was full price! Absolutely LUV this sweatshirt and will definitely be pulling the trigger now that it’s on sale!
Another amazing cardigan!

There’s just SO much good stuff. Below are the rest of my favs!

My Fav Boots & Shoes:

Fall/Winter Fashion Finds:

Affiliate links were used in this post, which means I receive a commission if you purchase items at my recommendation. As always, thanks for your support!



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Closet Reveal with CBD & NEAT Method Tampa

Hey y’all! Welcome to the reveal of my closet with Closets by Design and NEAT Method Tampa! Keep reading for a discount with both companies specifically for Luv, Bec followers!

 This project was one of my favorites to-date because it was SO necessary for my sanity level. In our last home, J and I had separate closets and mine alone was almost the size of the one we now share. (Honestly, it was almost a deal-breaker but we wanted so badly to live in this neighborhood, so I overlooked it.) Over the years of living here, our closet just got more and more out of control, and it got to a point where I honestly didn’t even know what to do with it anymore. Even though I regularly clean out my closet, as a fashion blogger, I’m adding to it so often and it feels almost impossible to keep organized. I knew we needed a better system and I KNEW I needed some help…

Enter the professionals: Brittany Halle of Closets by Design and Laura Frasor, Owner of NEAT Method Tampa.

First Brittany came over and analyzed the situation…


Brittany did an inventory of the amount of clothes we had in different lengths, the number of shoes, bags, hats, etc. and designed the closet system based on our specific needs. I was so happy she took the guess work out of the design for us. I don’t have experience with designing closets, so this was a new one for me. I LUV that Brittany was experienced and knowledgeable about what would work best in our small(ish) space, and created the design specific to us. And voila…


We added lots of drawers. I even have one for my jewelry and one for my sunglasses. The others are for my sweatshirts and running jackets. (I live in both, so I have a lot of them that never really had a great home.) J has a drawer for his ties, one for his belts, and he has drawers for all his underpinnings, so he can get completely ready in the closet/bathroom in the morning. (Note: I’m usually still sleeping in our bedroom when he’s up getting ready, so I LUV that this gave us more space to put these things in the closet.)

After the design was complete, Owner of NEAT Method Tampa, Laura Frasor came over and came up with a game plan to put the new closet to good use. Though it seems like it should have been an easy chore to simply put the items back in my closet, there is just so much stuff and I wanted it to look and feel really organized. Laura offered her services in exchange for me sharing her company to all of you, and I was ECSTATIC to work with her because I’ve been following NEAT Method for YEARS, and I think what they do is AMAZING!

One of Laura’s biggest suggestions for making your closet look more organized is to invest in the velvet space-saving hangers. I’d actually already made the change to these about a year prior (so I could make more space to shove more clothes in my closet) but what a difference they make even more now that I see them organized. She hung all of my clothing in different sections- short, medium and long-hang and color-ordered them. I LUV what a difference they make, not only for visual appeal, but it also makes getting dressed easier, when you can go straight to the color section of what you’re looking for.

I added this bench for use when I want to put on my shoes, when the kids want to sit and chill and/or when I need to step up higher to get things down from the top of the closet. I LUV that the pink and brass accents the colors in our bedroom that is adjacent and it’s easily movable to the corner of the closet when I want it out the way. It’s currently on sale AND an additional 15% off right now. (Details when you click on the hyperlink in the text at the beginning of this paragraph.)

J has his own {little} corner. Even though he has about the same amount of space as before, with the new shelving and the way Laura organized the items, everything is so much more accessible! Visually it’s all more appealing (obviously) but Laura gave everything a specific home, so getting ready is so much more enjoyable.

I LUV that Brittany suggested adding a pull-out hamper to the closet. Even though we still use a hamper for our regular clothes in another spot, we always needed a place for J’s dry-cleaning. (The items he wears daily go to the dry-cleaner, so there’s always a pile.) This was one more strategy to keep the floor of our closet clear… something that was NEVER an occurrence before.

The polished silver knobs were a great find as well! We’d used similar ones from an online designer boutique in our bathroom remodel (that is adjacent to the closet). So I wanted the fixtures in the closet to coordinate. However, I paid an exorbanate price for the knobs in the bathroom and didn’t care to spend this on the ones in our closet. I was blown away when I found these ones that look almost identical for pennies in comparison to the price of the others. If you’re looking for hardware, I’m definitely impressed with these.

My favorite part, though, is the tall shelving where I can display all of my shoes. Let’s be honest… I have KIND OF a shoe problem, so shoe organization was the #1 goal I had for our closet. We displayed most of my heels/boots and the shoes I wear most regularly.

But let’s be honest… I have WAY more shoes than you see on display on these shelves. And as Florida girl, a good majority of these shoes are sandals and flip-flops. So I LUV how Laura came up with the idea of using these neutral canvas boxes to organize the rest of the shoes around the bottom of the closet. She even added these adorable little gold tags so I know exactly what is where.

When I was selecting the lighting for this space, I wanted something modern that would flow with the fixtures in the surrounding spaces, but I also didn’t want it to break the bank, because the ceilings are pretty high and it’s certainly not a high-traffic area that a lot of people see. I couldn’t believe when I found this perfect flush mount for under $90! It also comes in different sizes and finishes and all are super affordable!

I absolutely LUV the way Laura used this acrylic file organizer in a creative way to organize my small bags and clutch purses. So creative and so functional! I also LUV this linen purse box to organize a lot of my smaller bags so that my shelving looks nice and NEAT. 😉

Well, that’s about it! I couldn’t be happier with the way the entire design came together, and I’m so grateful for the help of Brittany and Laura. And as a thank you to you guys for following along, they’ve offered you guys a discount on their services! Brittany has offered 55% off suggested retail price when you mention my name! She also does free consults, so make sure you check out her Instagram –> You can direct message her there to inquire about her free consultations!

And Laura has graciously offered a complimentary consult AND 10% off services booked when you mention my name as well! Think of all the things she could help you organize… closets, pantries, kitchens, garages, kids playroom closets… the possibilities are endless! Honestly, it might be a gateway drug. I always look at the pictures of organized spaces online and think, “Oh, I could totally do that!” And then days, weeks, months, years pass. And nada. They still sit in their unorganized clustered state of a mess. When she came and did the closet, I immediately wanted her to come back to do every single space in our home. I had so many people message me on Insta after she left that said they used NEAT in their respective areas and had the same thing happen… started with one space and called their organizers back to knock out the rest of the house! You won’t be disappointed.

You can reach Laura by email at or through her Instagram –>

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and checking out this post! I’ve linked for you all of the items I mentioned above in the carousel below (and some extras), so feel free to click the images below for shoppable links!*

*I’ve used affiliate links in this post, which means I get a commission if you shop using the links I’ve posted. Thanks, as always, for your support.


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My Breastfeeding Journey {& Update} and Affordable Fashion from Motherhood Maternity for My Breastfeeding/Pumping Lifestyle

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month! Now having 3 children, breastfeeding/pumping has been such a big part of my story as a mom. Over the last 4 1/2 months I’ve learned SO much about nursing/pumping. I’ve talked a lot about it in my Instagram stories, but I thought I’d give you guys an update here as to where I am in my journey and why I’m SO happy I persisted this time…

*Thank you to Motherhood Maternity for sponsoring this post. I’m honored to work with them to celebrate this very important month.)

I had our first child 9 1/2 years ago. I started off breastfeeding and had a plentiful milk supply. Emie was, however, very colicky. We tried EVERYTHING to find a solution to why she was so upset. Obviously, the advice I received from everyone else was that it must be something I’m eating that’s not sitting well with her. So, I tried to remove almost everything I could think of from my diet to try to find a remedy for our poor baby girl. During the process of eliminating different foods from my diet, I put Em on soy formula (at the recommendation of several people who had done similar) and finally… she seemed to be less upset after eating. (Before you comment, I know soy is a little controversial these days, but it wasn’t so much at the time. And as a just-turned 25 year-old new mom, that had tried everything, it was what stuck.)

I pumped and stored my milk for the first couple months of having her on formula… hoping that maybe she’d outgrow these issues and would be able to drink my milk after her digestion system grew into itself a little. But after exhausting myself of every little thing I could possibly imagine to try, and trying her on my milk again several other times, I decided she was reacting better to the formula and gave up on the notion that she would be able to accept my breastmilk.

Skip forward to our second child. Corbin was quite the opposite in that he didn’t seem to have any issues with MY milk. But he had a hard time latching to receive enough milk. He’d end a feeding seemingly still very hungry, which obviously was very frustrating to watch as the mom of an otherwise very happy baby. It was recognized very early on (while still in the hospital) that he was very tongue-tied. So, at the recommendation of our pediatrician, we took him to have his tongue-tie corrected. During that time I started supplementing with formula bc he was SO hungry. He reacted fine to the formula, but I hated the idea of having another baby on formula and prayed that when the tongue tie was corrected, he’d go back to the breast and all would end up in my breastfeeding fairytale dreams with an exclusively breastfed baby.

Well… that didn’t happen. After receiving formula in a bottle for several days, he just didn’t want the breast. In hind site, I truly believe that the cutting of his frenulum (google “tongue tie” to learn more about this) didn’t fully correct the issue. Dakota (our 3rd) was also tongue-tied and we learned it’s much more effective to have the frenulum lasered instead of cut. Looking back, I wonder if it wasn’t corrected enough, after all, and if he would have had a better result if we’d done the laser treatment like we did with Dakota. But, nonetheless, Corbin never went fully back to the breast. I continued to breastfeed him (usually resulting in a bottle), hoping one day he’d catch on. But he never did. I tried pumping for about a month, but eventually, my supply was so little that I gave up.

Skip now to baby #3. As most of you have followed along and know, Dakota was born 7 weeks early. I had an extremely traumatic delivery with her (I was under general anesthesia and my body had a tough recovery). Bc of the 2 factors combined (her being so early and my body having been through so much), and despite the fact that I was pumping around the clock, I was barely producing enough milk to get her through a few feedings in the day. The NICU provided donor milk for her for what she needed supplemented. (I HIGHLY recommend this over supplementing with formula, if you’re open to the idea. You can learn a lot about this topic at your hospital of delivery and by doing a little research. But I was super grateful for this option, this time around.)

When I had to leave the hospital after the first week and leave the baby in the NICU, producing enough milk became increasingly difficult. If you’ve ever had to pump away from your newborn, you might know what I’m talking about… There’s some natural reaction your body can have where it literally doesn’t produce without her physically present. At least that’s what happened to me. I brought her {dirty} burp clothes home with me and tied them around my neck (hoping the scent would spark a reaction). I watched videos of her on my phone and even created videos when she’d cry thinking maybe the sound would help me produce. (If you’ve breastfed before, you might know what I’m talking about… When the mere sound of your baby crying can leave you fully soaked. lol)

Anyway, nothing… Nothing seemed to work. Until…

Until I pumped on the hour, every hour, for as long as I could possibly stand. I remembered how I lost my supply when I started pumping with my son, but tried to pinpoint why that probably was. I thought… if your body creates only what the baby really needs… I need to train my body to know it needs more. So I pumped as frequently as I possibly could to empty whatever my body might have been storing, so that it programed itself to know it needed to create more. And guess what? It started working. I also pumped as often as I could when I was at the NICU with Dakota and she was physically on my chest. It was difficult. But I held her ON my chest while I pumped through the day and slowly, my supply started increasing. I meannnnn… slowllllly.

But, like with my pregnancy complications, I persisted. I didn’t give myself the option to quit. Unless I were to physically dry up, I was going to do what I could do keep creating milk.

Now, let me jump in here and say that I do NOT think this is for everyone. Nor do I judge one single soul who decides breastfeeding isn’t working for them. Each mom/parent has to do what they decide is best for their situation to be the best parent that they possibly can be. This is just what I decided to do personally, after 2 failed attempts before Dakota. Giving up this time (for me) just wasn’t an option.

So, here I am today. I’ve been pumping for 4 1/2 months. Because I pumped so long, and Dakota had the bottle so frequently in the NICU (and I also think bc of the tongue tie issues) Dakota always preferred the bottle for feeding. I saw several lactation consultants in the hospital and even hired one to my house. I highly recommend this option! You can submit the visit to your insurance for reimbursement and I think it is SO helpful to be able to work on breastfeeding in the comfort and peace of your own home in your own surroundings. If you’re in the Tampa area, I used Trish of Sweet Songs Breastfeeding, and she was AMAZING! She followed up with me on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis throughout my entire journey until I was totally comfortable with my own outcome. Dakota still enjoys breastfeeding for comfort and bonding (and so do I). But she still almost always feeds with a bottle of breastmilk.

Because Dakota is still exclusively on breastmilk, and I still struggle with my supply, to some extent… I have to make sure I pump regularly and don’t let too much time go in between feedings. Since 2 months old, Dakota has slept through the night {praise Jesus} so I do go from when I go to bed to when she wakes up without pumping. But that first pump of the day I get enough for 2-3 feedings, so it makes up for lost time. The rest of the day, however, I have to pump regularly (every 3-4 hours) or I notice a huge dip in my supply. SO… in comes the other purpose of this post… BREASTFEEDING FASHION.

I like to wear clothes that are nursing-friendly, so when I have to find a place to pump, it’s convenient and I feel “appropriate”. I’m an extrovert but I still have a hard time with the breastfeeding in public thing. Not because I’m against it (I’M TOTALLY ABOUT NORMALIZING BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC!). I’ve just never gotten in the groove of getting set up in public without exposing myself.

I’ve leaned to Motherhood Maternity for many of my nursing-friendly basics! I’ve had this multi-use cover since Dakota was born. You can use it as a carseat cover, a shopping cart cover, worn as an infinity scarf OR how I always use it… as a cover when you’re breastfeeding or pumping in public. It’s one thing I always keep in my diaper bag so that when I pump in my car or in a public place, I feel comfortable. It’s SUPER soft and fashionable too. And I LUV how much I can use it for.

The bottom line is you don’t have to forfeit fashion for your style to be nursing-friendly. I LUV dresses that have a pull-up flap over the top part and open underneath (see the dress I’m wearing below). Below is one from Motherhood Maternity that I absolutely LUV and you’d never even know it was a “nursing dress”. It’s absolutely perfect for nursing AND pumping! (See the first photo at the top of this post to see how well it covers when I’m breastfeeding in it.)

Dress | Shoes {similar} | Jacket

Throw it on with heels. Add a jacket or cardigan in the fall. And you’re ready to go! (I’m wearing an XS in the dress, for reference.)

Here’s another example of a “nursing dress” from Motherhood Maternity that doesn’t compromise fashion for function.I mean would you seriously ever know this dress was made for nursing?!

Dress | Bag | Shoes | Strapless Nursing Bra

This dress is actually on sale by the time this post is live for 45% off, making it under $30!!! Say what?! There is also a maternity version that is super similar and adorable. And here is another floral nursing-friendly maxi dress. I LUV how it has the different layers where you can pull the fabric to the side but there’s still another side of fabric that serves as coverage when you’re nursing!

I also have a few favorite nursing bras that I’ll link in the carousel at the end of this post, but I had to note this amazing strapless bra that I got from Motherhood Maternity. I’ve tried SO many strapless bras, and (especially when nursing) it’s so hard to find a supportive one. This is the cadillac of strapless bras, and it’s comfortable too! I promise you’ll LUV it! Also, I don’t personally have this lace one, but I’ve heard great things about it and it’s super cute!

Here are some other nursing dresses, tops and accessories that I either have or absolutely LUV… My favorites for pumping specifically are the ones that have the flaps at the top that cover the pumps when I’m using them. I’d also consider a good nursing-friendly cardigan as a staple in your nursing-wardrobe.

Motherhood Maternity is offering 40% off one full-price item to my followers! Use code Bec40 at checkout to save! Code is good until August 31st.

Anyway, thanks for all of your encouragement over the last several months as I’ve learned and grown in my breastfeeding journey. I LUV the idea of a month dedicated specifically to breastfeeding awareness. As we all share our stories and journeys, it makes it easier to understand that we’re not in this alone. Breastfeeding isn’t always without roadblocks, but I promise, it’s always worth it… Comment below with your own breastfeeding stories! I’d LUV to hear some of your own!

*Thanks again to Motherhood Maternity for sponsoring this post, but as always, please know that all opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links are also used throughout the post, which means I get paid a commission when you purchase items at my recommendation. Thanks for your support!


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: PUBLIC ACCESS!

The NSale is FINALLY open to the public!! Unfortunately, I’m hearing that Nordstrom has announced they will NOT be restocking items as they have done in past years. (ANNOYING!) But the good news is, there is still a plethora of items that people haven’t been talking about as much, so they ARE in stock and they are AWESOME! Here are some I have purchased, I’m thinking of still purchasing or just really LUV:

Stay tuned to my instastories as I’ll be doing frequent updates of these items and more until the sale ends!

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My NSale Picks and A Fitting Room Try-On Session!

It’s that time again… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! OK y’all… I wanted to have this up for you last night, but… life. I went to Nordstrom today with a 3-month old and 9-year-old in tow and went on a shopping marathon to bring to you my favorite picks from the sale. Go to my Instagram tonight and watch my stories (which I’ll save in a specific NSale Highlight reel) to see videos of my thoughts of sizing, etc. In the mean time, get shopping quickly (I’m already a little behind here for ya) because these items are selling out fast! Below are my thoughts, try-ons and picks… Let me know what you think and what treasures you decide to get yourself! xxoo

(Also, ignore typos. I’m typing this FAST.)

(Also, also… enjoy the unedited fitting room photos. You’ll notice they start with baby in stroller. Em playing ipad. Then both are gone bc Em is walking the baby around to try to get her to sleep. Then… (that didn’t work) they’re both just hanging out. I mean, this is real life here, people.)

The top things I think you should consider buying during this sale:

  • Jeans: Jeans are something you wear year-round (most of us, at least), and these styles are sure to be the trending styles of the season. If you KNOW you’re going to be needing jeans, whether for fall or even to wear right now, you might as well buy them while they’re on sale!
  • Leggings: I tend to wear the same legging styles over and over daily. They only go on sale a couple times a year, so I always try to get a few colors of the styles that I LUV during this sale!
  • A new handbag: If you’re eyeing a new bag or luggage, and you see a style now that you LUV, might as well get it now while you can potentially save hundreds of dollars!
  • Same goes for sunglasses.
  • SHOES!!! Of all the items that are part of this sale, the items I seek out the most for this sale are shoes. After many years of shopping this sale, I tend to have a sense of which shoes are going to be the hot shoes of the coming season. So I try to buy a couple styles that I know I’ll wear now AND come fall/winter while they’re a steal!
  • A good jacket: Invest now while there are all kinds of good deals!

What I anticipate is likely to sell out!

  • BP Open Toe Mules: (On sale from $79.95 to $49.90! I bought them in black but really want another color, so may be back for another pair!)
  • Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: (I posted about these last fall after purchasing them during this sale… And YES! They sold out quickly! I wear these every fall/winter!
  • Zella Leggings: These are my absolute favorite leggings. I buy a new pair every NSale bc I wear them CONSTANTLY. And for $35, you can’t lose! They hold you in. The material is super forgiving. And the quality is incredible!)
  • This Sherpa Zip-Up Sweater (also this Pullover): So cozy! Sells out every year!
  • These Button-up Skinny Jeans: EVERY blogger is posting them, so they WILL sell out! My size was sold out at my store, so I’m ordering them online before they sell out bc they are SO CUTE!
  • This long cardigan: (which comes in several colors): Another one posted by tons of bloggers! Super cozy! I’ll show this in my story try-ons.
  • These airbrush leggings: another pair that is SO flattering! Bought these and obsessed!
  • These bow mules: I’m OBSESSED with the leopard and black. May have to add these to my cart order too.
  • These adorable ankle booties: These WILL sell out! They’re a favorite amongst many and they are SO CUTE! Just trying to decide which color I’d use the most!









Baby Items & Gear:

Kids (Girls):

Kids (Boys):

These Jeans are my favorite purchase of all! On sale for under $50! I have this style (from other seasons) in black, white and other shades of denim. LUV how these have an unfinished hem and slightly cropped. LUV LUV LUV them!

Jeans || Sweater



This sweater came home with me! LUV it! Super soft (like butter!) and a very flattering fit! On sale for $25!

Throw this cardigan over anything! Comes in tons of colors and only $32! || Shoes

Bought this moto jacket! It’s SO CUTE! The hood is removable so you can take that off and throw it over anything when you want a dressier look! An AMAZING price at only $64! Comes in other colors too!

OBSESSED with this top || Jeans (run TTS)

This sweater will be an amazing basic for fall/winter! A pretty off-white color and SUPER cozy! Also, LUV that it has pockets!

Bought these leggings (mentioned them in the items to sell out!) They’re the most flattering fit EVER! HIGHLY recommend everyone purchase a pair! Also LUV this lion sweatshirt!

Also LUV this moto jacket! And it’s an awesome price! They didn’t have my size anymore. 🙁

These are a great lighter wash denim. Run TTS and a great price right now!

These both came home with me! I mean… rose gold running shorts… yes please! I sized up to a medium in these. || Sweater

This is such an amazing basic tank/cami! TTS (I would take a small, but this medium was the smallest they had.) A light beige, super soft, awesome basic!

Obviously I had to have both of these! Obvi! Sweater || Leggings

These two pieces will sell out! I take an XS in the leggings and the sweater runs big so size down. (PS- How cute are those two in the background? I’m sure they were OVER it by the time I took this picture but they were both AMAZING!!!) Sweater || Leggings

OK, that’s it for now because I’m trying DESPERATELY to get this up for y’all before all of this sells out! Hey, I’m a new mom of 3 and… life!

Thanks for shopping my picks! As usual, links are affiliate links, so I make a commission if you buy things at my recommendation, so I appreciate your support! Happy shopping!!

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Dakota’s Nursery Reveal- Sponsored by The Mine, A Lowe’s Company

Here it is… The LONG-AWAITED nursery reveal! I promise I wanted to have these photos posted to you months ago, but as you know (if you follow along) things kinda haven’t gone as planned through this pregnancy journey of mine. BUT… we won’t discuss that again. (Search through my old Insta posts if you’re confused what I’m talking about.)

Speaking of not going as planned, this Instagram post was originally sponsored by The Mine, A Lowes Company. The plan was obviously to link all of the items to their site (as they are my FAV one-stop-shop for all things home! And I’m NOT just saying that because I work with them… I LUV’d them long before they were a partner of mine!) Here you can see the original design I created for the nursery. Unfortunately, during the time lapse between when we ordered all of the furniture and now, The Mine is no longer a stand-alone company. Their parent company (Lowe’s) is now transitioning all of their brands to their one Website. Which is GREAT in terms of efficiency of shopping all the brands under one roof. AND Lowe’s is a company we all know and trust, so it’s an extra stamp of trustworthiness for people who already respect this brand. HOWEVER, the brands have not yet all been transitioned to the Lowe’s Website, so these items are not yet shoppable with them as of yet.

Having said all of that, they have been extremely understanding of wanting to get you guys shoppable links, whether with their brand or not, as we all understand you’ve been waiting on this reveal for far too long. So… for now… I’m linking all of these items for you wherever I could find them online. I also tried to find the items wherever they were the best price. If and when Lowe’s picks these items back up, I’ll DEFINITELY update you guys and give you some new links. I’d like to sincerely thank my partners at The Mine AND for working with me on this project and for all they did to help me find these items. (One example: the crib was on backorder FOREVER and they jumped through hoops to find one for me all the way around the world… and I LUV IT, so I’m super, super grateful!)

Lastly, I want to thank Bianca Merrell Photography for these GORGEOUS photos she captured of Dakota’s new room. This was my first time working with Bianca, but I promise you it won’t be my last. I’m OBSESSED with her light, bright photography skills and her style works perfectly with mine. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, I HIGHLY recommend Bianca. Check out more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook.

So, without further adieu…

Shop Dakota’s Nursery Furniture:

Shop Dakota’s Nursery Decor:

Shop Our Outfits:

Wallpaper: Rebel Walls

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My Maternity Pictures {From the Hospital}

If you’ve followed along, you know I was admitted to the hospital before I was scheduled to shoot my maternity photos. Well, actually, I was sick the week before being admitted into the hospital and was scheduled during that time to shoot the pics. So we had rescheduled for the week after, when I landed myself in for a long-term hospital stay. I’m so thankful to my good friend Kristin LaDriere Family Photography for coming to the hospital and shooting these pictures of me and my kids before it was too late. It was super important to me to have these photos taken with my kids before my surgery. These pictures will always hold a special place in my heart…

Also, thank you to Sew Trendy Accessories for providing these amazing dresses and flower crowns! They were just perfect…


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What’s in My Hospital Bag

(Edit: I wrote this post before an emergency that put me in the hospital at 31.5 weeks. I’m SO happy now that I had this bag prepared when my complications put me in the hospital without the ability to go home again. Having all of these comforts from home prepared and ready in a bag have made all the difference.)

Hospital/Weekender Bag: Under $35!

You guys voted on my Instagram stories that you wanted me to share what’s in my hospital bag. While my situation definitely isn’t the norm, because of my placenta percreta, I’m sharing with you what I’M packing this go-round. With other pregnancies, some of the items may have looked a little differently, but here’s the breakdown of what’s in my bag with our third (and last) baby…

  • TOILETRIES: Pack the essentials that you’d want from home, in case you have a longer stay than expected. My first child I thought I’d be in and out, but after 39 hours of a labor to have a c-section, I ended up staying there much longer than I’d originally suspected. I ended up wanting my own shampoo and conditioner and all my fav toiletries from home. This time, I just packed some of the essentials I’d want and found these great, little inexpensive toiletry bags so it’s all in there organized and ready for me.

    • While a typical stay for labor & delivery would be around 1-3 days, I can’t anticipate how long I’ll be in the hospital this go-round. I’d say, with any pregnancy, I’d recommend bringing your own robe, slippers (with sturdy soles) and a nightgown or two of your own. Although some people may be comfortable staying in the hospital’s gowns the duration of their stay, (I did with my first pregnancy), I learned that after I’m able to be mobile again, I just want to be in my own comfy clothes. Especially when visitors are coming in and out. The hospital gowns have exposed backs, so there’s no moving around with guests in your room without your bootie hanging out! So, again, it’s personal preference. But my bag contains my own comfy robe, slippers, a couple nursing nightgowns, and a comfy lounging around outfit. (Make sure that your gowns are nursing friendly, if you plan to try to breastfeed. Meaning… the tops are easily accessible.) Below are some of the items I’ve purchased for my hospital bag and for comfy things to wear when I get home…

    • If this is your first child, you won’t believe how enormous your breasts can become in what feels like “out of nowhere”. When your milk comes in, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right bras. You can either pack some sports bras that feel roomie enough to accommodate the new size or invest in some nursing/sleep bras. I like to have comfortable, soft fabric bras that area easily pulled down for nursing. I don’t like underwire or lots of clasps, so I just like to have comfy bras that can be used for nursing.
    • Something you also learn about when you have a baby are the BEAUTIFUL hospital post-partum underwear. Oh. My Gah! I HATE these things. Yes, they get the job done. And you don’t want to be wearing your own nice underwear bc they are likely to get ruined those first few days. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you soon will.) But this time, I purchased some post-partum underwear of my own on Amazon that were pretty affordable. I also purchased some other ones, that I like a little more, to wear in the weeks after when I get home. If you could have a c-section, or in my case, I’ll be having a c-section/hysterectomy with an incision all the way up my belly, keep in mind to look for underwear that are a soft, breathable material that won’t hurt being on your incision.
    • I also linked (in the carousel below) some post-partum belly bands. I used one after my son and it really helped me get back my shape. I started it as early as leaving the hospital, so you may want to consider either packing it or having it for shortly after you get home, if you’re going to consider using one.
      • If you do have a c-section, I found this great belly shield that is supposed to protect your incision from your clothing. I’ve never actually tried it, but thinking it might come in handy this go-round.

  • NURSING PAD/CREAM: As you’re getting the hang of nursing, there can be a lot of bumps in the road. It’s not often discussed how difficult the journey can be, but there’s lots of help out there to encourage you through the journey. Make sure to reach out to your hospital lactation consultant while you’re there for any questions/support. You can also find local consultants who will travel to your home when you get back after baby. I’ve heard this can be especially helpful, as they can point out the best places in your home to nurse, things to help make you more comfortable, and they’re there AFTER your milk has come in. (Because a lot of times this doesn’t fully happen until after you leave the hospital.) I’ve always used disposable pads, but I won’t lie… I’m not a huge fan. I have some disposable ones in my toiletry bag for the hospital, but I’ve also heard these ones are great, so thinking of giving them a try:

  • EXTRA PONYTAIL HOLDERS/BRUSH: I like my hair up and out of the way when I’m in the hospital.
  • PHONE CHARGER: I also recommend bringing an extra long phone cord, so that it reaches you from your hospital bed. Since I could be there a while, I ordered this one, in case I’m not very mobile (no pun intended).

  • BABY CLOTHES/SOCKS/SWADDLE BLANKETS/GOING HOME OUTFIT: Normally I would only pack a couple things, but again, because I don’t know how long I’ll be there or how long my baby will have to be there (she’s scheduled to be born at 34 weeks and 5 days), I have a little more than usual packed. I have several preemie sized onesies and footed jammies, several swaddle blankets, a “going-home” outfit and a couple things I might want to use to photograph her in while we’re at the hospital. I have this in preemie size for her to wear home. I also packed a couple cute headbands for her to wear with this and other items (for photos, of course). It’s super soft and comfy and comes in several colors. It also comes in a footed onesie version. Here are some of the items I have in my bag and some other thing I LUV:

  • COMFORTABLE GOING HOME OUTFIT: Again, think comfort. I plan to wear a loose-fitting top and comfy pants (with a comfortable waistband) home from the hospital. You could also consider a maxi dress or loose dress. Whatever you choose, I’d choose something loose and comfortable.) See the carousel I posted above (for robes/slippers/sleepwear). I posted a pair of comfy pants and a couple t-shirts. I’ve packed the blouse in the first photo below with these comfy lounge pants and easy slide-on sandals.

  • DON’T FORGET TO BRING BABY’S CAR SEAT: Finally, don’t forget to have baby’s car seat ready for going home. Hospitals will make sure they check the baby in the seat and make sure it covers all safety standards before they let you go home. We always have the car seat base setup and ready in the car when we know we’re close to baby’s due date. You’ll bring the actual seat in the hospital with you the day you’re ready to take baby home. Our car seat/stroller:

Everyone’s idea of what they consider necessary for a hospital stay can be different. I’ve just learned I like to have the comforts of home, and being prepared makes the experience much less stressful. This is simply what I’ve decided to pack, and I hope it helps give you a little direction when packing your own bag. Whatever you pack, my heart is with you as you prepare for the most exciting journey of your life… All my LUV…

Tell me in the comments below what else you pack and anything else you’ve learned with your hospital experiences. Feel free to ask questions, too!

For more on baby gear I have ready when me and baby come home, see this post:

Must-Haves for Baby List: Gear & Favorite Items

*Affiliate links were used in this post. Which means I receive a commission when you purchase items at my recommendation. Thanks, as always, for your support.

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Must-Haves for Baby List: Gear & Favorite Items

So, as a third-time Mom, I’ve learned through experience to sort through the items you actually need and those that you don’t. And then I’ve been able to decide what luxuries are MY must-haves. (Cute baby accessories, obviously.) I’ve learned what I like in a carseat and stroller, and what is unbearable. I’ve learned what are luxuries and what are necessities. Having said all that, things on one’s list will definitely vary from family to family, based on your lifestyle, budget and your baby’s personal needs. Here I’m breaking down for you the items I’ve purchased (or received, from the companies I’ve collaborated with) for our baby #3, what I think you NEED and the fun stuff I just LUV to have. I’ve broken down for you what I think about these items and why:

  1. CAR SEAT & STROLLER: This is obviously the most important purchase and should be at the top of your list. Unless you never plan to get in a car, it’s something that you have to have, so obviously it’s at the top of my list. With our first child, we purchased the car seat based solely on safety ratings. It was ranked the #1 car seat on the market in safety ratings, but we quickly learned it was extremely heavy! Having had a c-section, I had a really hard time getting from place to place holding the baby in the seat (which you do pretty much everywhere you go in the beginning). This time around, I took several things into consideration…

I actually went to the store to check out/test out some car seats and strollers, and went with a specific brand in mind that I had researched extensively and thought I would get this go-round. I even was offered a collaboration with the brand, so I would have been able to have this stroller and car seat at no cost. However, when I got to the store, I discovered the stroller and car seat we ultimately ended up purchasing. Yes, we gave up a free $1,000+ set to purchase one, because I liked these ones I found SO much!

I remembered how hard it was to carry the heavy car seat I had with my daughter. (We even ended up buying a cheaper car seat for my son just so we didn’t have to lug that heavy one around again.) So THIS ONE I recently found appealed to me majorly, because one of it’s greatest highlights is that it’s the lightest weight rear-facing car seat on the market at just over 5 lbs. I’m telling y’all… it’s LIGHT! Knowing I’m going to be having extensive surgery this delivery, I was pretty much sold at that, but the amazing safety ratings were enough to sell me site on scene. Bonus, it’s not chemically-treated and it comes with certified organic cotton inserts.

THE STROLLER glides like an ice skate. The all-terrain wheels and all-wheel suspension make it a super smooth ride, in comparison to all of the other strollers on the market I’ve pushed. But one thing that has proved to be SUPER important to me in a stroller is storage space! I like to shop! (I know, shocker.) So it has to be able to hold a significant amount of shopping bags and my diaper bag. And it needs to be able to hold extra bags and souveniers, etc. for when our family of 5 is at Disney World, Busch Gardens or the other parks we frequent. Because the honest truth is, a stroller isn’t always just for pushing a baby… it’s for holding all of our stuff too! So I LUV how accessible and open the storage compartment is. The adjustable-height vegan leather handle makes it feel like the Cadillac of strollers, as far as quality is concerned, and it’s helpful for my husband, who is the one to push the stroller a lot.

On top of all of that, it’s like-flat reclinable. (If you’re a new mom, this is A MUST!). The UPF50+ canopy folds SO far over the seat that it makes for perfect dark napping and great sun protection when outside for long periods of time. (I live in Florida, so this is crucial.) There’s also a large, mesh peekaboo window on the top of the canopy so the air circulation is great, and you can see in to check on baby. OH!!! I also LUV that it has the cool little pocket on the back for your keys/phone, etc. so those things are easily accessible. There are even more features, but the last I’ll say is this… above and beyond all of this, it’s sleek and stylish. Total function with stylish appeal. Want to know more about it…? Read the reviews from users themselves… they’re all awesome…

2. HALO BASSINET SWIVEL SLEEPER: So, with our other 2 kids, we had a traditional cradle by our bed that we’d use the first few months after bringing them home. Again, having had c-sections, it wasn’t very convenient. I always wanted the baby right by me in the beginning, so I could easily look over and check on them… (You know that constant “are you breathing?” check we do over and over, in the beginning?!) So, I’d put the cradle right by me where I could see them easily. But because of my c-section incision, it was really hard in the beginning to get up and down and to bend over to get the baby in and out. It was also hard to get in and out of the bed with the cradle right up against the side of my bed. So, when I had to get up in the night to get baby supplies, go to the bathroom, etc., I had to do the awkward scooch all the way down the bed to get out of the way of the cradle without waking baby, WITH the abdominal pain from my surgery. It was just never convenient.

One of the main selling features of the Halo is that it can be right up against the side of your bed, but the bassinet can swivel a full 360 degrees so you can get in and out of your bed easily, without having to move anything, or scooch to the end of the bed. The other main selling point for me is the retractable sidewall that lowers. So, with major surgery, I can pull the baby right up next to me, pull down the sidewall, and easily get her out to feed in the night, without even having to get up. THAT, FOR ME, was 100% the selling point. I’ve never wanted to fully cosleep. But I do LUV that this has the benefits of cosleeping, having baby right next to you, without actually having to share the bed.

One con people have mentioned in reviews is that the base of the Halo is heavy, so it’s not easy to move it room to room. However, they’ve added a new option, where you can remove the bassinet from the base and get an extra, easily mobile base to attach the bassinet to, so you can use the Halo in any area. This feature makes it easy for travel and being on-the-go, too. I know, with this delivery, I’m going to require help from loved ones after baby comes. I LUV that this new feature makes her sleeping quarters easily movable. It also has a nice little storage caddy you can put on the side for diapers, etc. Another convenient feature that lets you stay put in bed more often. (Believe me, in the beginning, this is clutch.)

3. DOCKATOT: One item that didn’t exist when I had my other babies, but I’ve been told is the holy grail of baby gear these days, is the portable sleeping station called the Dockatot. OK… so when we brought home BOTH of our babies, we had issues with them not wanting to sleep in a big, open sleeper. If you think about it, babies are used to being fit snug inside your tiny womb and wrapped into their own little ball. Enter world… their arms and legs are out in the open and they’re supposed to sleep in this (to them) big, huge bed. So with our other babies, we’d either put them in the car seat to sleep and put that right in the cradle, or their portable swing chair, or anything that made them feel more nestled and not so wide open.

The Dockatot is created to feel like a comfy little nest, that keeps baby feeling snug all night long. Added bonus, I’ve been told it fits perfectly inside the Halo Sleeper. So, I’m hoping I can use it right in there. Say baby falls asleep on the sofa next to you, in the Dockatot. You can easily bring her in the Dockatot to the Halo/crib/etc. and put her down for sleep where you want her located for bedtime. It’s also ultra-portable and great for travel. AND… best part… when you’re ready to transition baby from sleeper to crib, you can use the Dockatot in the crib too, so they still feel equally as snug in the now even bigger bed.

Dockatot has also added an awesome bonus feature where you can add a toy arch with removable toys to the top of the station for baby play. So, if you’re trying to narrow down how many items you have to purchase, this serves as a playmat too. Kills two birds with one stone, so to speak.

4. DIAPER BAG: Obviously you’ll need a bag to bring around with all of baby’s necessities. One option I ABSOLUTELY LUV is using this diaper bag organizer. It comes in 2 sizes and can be used in your favorite tote that you already own, and keeps everything organized and compartmentalized perfectly. I plan to use the large version in my LV Neverfull and also ordered the smaller version for other bags I may use day to day. Some other options for diaper bags I think are super cute:

5. ROCKER: I’ve heard mixed reviews from different moms on whether or not their kids liked to swing. I, for one, can say BOTH of my kids LUV’d to swing! The swing was a Godsend when I needed to get things done or just needed to be hands free a little. (Note: Babies LUV to be held!). The Fisher Price Rock N’ Play didn’t exist when I had my other kids but I will say other moms have RAVED about this item! It can function as a sleeper (kind of like the Halo I spoke of above) AND has a soothing rocking/vibrating feature, so can be used for this as well. I am still unsure if I’ll use this, however, because of having the Halo for sleeping and also having received the 4Moms Rockaroo Infant Swing off my registry (also heard good things), but I’ll keep you updated on this.

I will say… since it’s been a while since we had our last child, I asked publicly on my Facebook what baby items my friends thought were the must-haves of today… and the 2 top products mentioned were the Dockatot and the FP Rock N’ Play.


Swaddles: I’ve been told that Ollie Swaddles and Halo Sleeper Swaddles are the best, so I’ve ordered both. The Ollie Swaddles make great gifts because they come in the most adorable little boxes. They’re SUPER soft and have great reviews. Don’t believe me? Google them.

I also have an assortment of muslin fabric swaddle blankets. I say you can’t have enough of these because you use them all day for wrapping baby, burping baby, covering baby, etc. So… swaddles… necessity.

Cart Hammock: Ok, so this isn’t a NECESSITY! lol But if you follow my Instagram stories, you heard me talk about the Binxie Baby Hammock. One day (when we were TTC) I saw a baby in Target chilling in her little baby hammock, while her mom sipped her Starbucks and perused the aisles of every mom’s favorite store. Let me tell you… this baby was HAP-PY! So, bottom line.. I knew if/when we were to get pregnant, I was getting a baby hammock.

Nursery Decor: I’ll do a separate post of the nursery reveal, so stay tuned for that with all details of what’s in Dakota’s nursery. (You can also see the nursery design in this earlier post.) But I did want to share a brand I was introduced to this pregnancy: Lorena Canals. She has the most adorable, soft, quality-made decor and organizational items for any nursery. I mentioned these completely machine-washable rugs in a recent Instagram post, which would be great for any child’s room. I’m also using this adorable tassel basket in the nursery for her toys and this comfy floor cushion I envision her eventually sitting on during playtime. She’s got tons of great options available at Nordstrom.

Some of My Nursery Decor & Organization:

Clothes, Accessories, Blankets: The most fun part… wearables. There are tons of adorable onesies, gowns, accessories, shoes, etc. that I could speak of for far too long. But for now I’ll just link some of my favs below and will continue to post them on my Instagram as I get to dress my little doll. So stay tuned…

Some of the Fav Wearables, Blankets, Accessories:

To summarize, below are clickable photos (will take you directly to shoppable links) of my baby gear favorites and must-haves:

I’ll continue to update you after baby, as I’ve actually been able to use each of these items. So stay tuned to my Insta and other social channels! If you have any questions or opinions on any of the items I’ve mentioned, I’d LUV it if you’d comment on this post! Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I can’t wait to get to the other side of this difficult journey I’ve been on and just be able to enjoy the fun stuff and snuggle my little angel. Can’t wait to introduce you…

*Some items in this post have been sponsored or gifted, and affiliate links have been used with most of the items I have linked. This means I receive a commission if you purchase items at my recommendation. This did not influence my decision to pick the items I’ve mentioned, as I hand-selected what I wanted to use and endorse. Thanks, as always, for your support.

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Maternity & Non-Maternity Valentine’s Day Outfit Options

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I’ve scoured some of my favorite stores and gathered some gorgeous looks for all budgets! Whether you’re looking for maternity or non-maternity, I’ve got you covered…

My Dress / Shoes / Bag

My dress is on sale for $22!!! I mean, come on… you don’t get much better than that. I actually wore it to my husband’s Christmas party, and I got so many compliments on it. But it’s just perfect for Valentine’s day too! It hugs (and covers) all the right places. But hurry, because things sell quickly once they go on sale here! Oh, and I also sign up each year for their 2-day shipping program. I pay $19 a month and get 2-day shipping (and free returns) on all of my orders for the year. And let me tell you, I use it all the time!

My shoes are definitely a splurge. They were a birthday gift from my husband a couple years ago, but they’re still my favorite pair I own. They’re a splurge definitely worth making IMO… perfect gift to ask for this Valentine’s Day! My bag is not currently available in white, but it is on sale for under $100 in this awesome neutral color. (Click on the blue hyperlinks to take you to the links.)

Here are some other great options to consider…

Valentine’s Day outfits:

Maternity Styles:


Happy Shopping & Happy Valentine’s Day, luvs!

*Affiliate links are used in this post, which means I get a commission if you purchase any of the items at my recommendation. Thanks, as always, for our support.

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