How to Fill {But NOT Clutter} a Large, Blank Wall

When we completed our renovations last summer, I turned our front “formal living” room into my girly “sitting room”. I replaced the leather sofa and chairs with 4 identical oversized, modern armchairs (which are the one of the best deals I’ve ever found, btw!) and a circular coffee table. Mine has since been discontinued but it was replaced with this one and this one. I added a soft rug and minimal decor, and I’ve been LUV’ing it ever since. I hung my beloved juju hat on the wall and have really enjoyed the fact that the room has felt very minimal and clutter free.

However, the designer in me really felt like the room needed some varying heights, so I’d been itching to test out some height on one of the walls. I decided I would wait until after the holidays, as I was looking forward to my Christmas tree being on that wall, and readdress the desire after I took the tree down. The thought resonated, and soon after taking down my holiday decorations, I bought some shelves.

Needless to say, I’m EXTREMELY happy with the result! I honestly don’t know why I waited as long as I did, because I think the shelves are the perfect completion to the room.

Here are some options of different styles and for all different budgets to get you started:

My main goal of the shelves was to ensure that I didn’t fill them with clutter and create a bunch of noise in a space that felt really serene to me. So, I filled the shelves with touches of nature and neutral designs, like wood decor, white ceramic vases, clear candle vases, my favorite books and of course… greenery.

When styling shelves, the goal is to use objects of varying height, style and texture, but do NOT overdo it. Use pieces that make sense with the space. Don’t just throw a bunch of stuff you have lying around on the shelves and expect a desirable result. It will most likely just feel cluttered. Add simple pieces and try to stick with a color theme. And my suggestion… when you use color, try to be harmonious with it. Stick with a certain color theme and ground that/those colors with lots of neutral pieces. Add framed photos or art of height to break up all of the lower pieces. And always, always, ALWAYS add in some greenery (IMO). My final suggestion is an easy one because it’s something almost everyone has laying around. Find some hardcover books not being used and remove the covers. Face them backward if the color doesn’t work with your design. Books are the best, most accessible form of decor in shelf styling by almost all of your favorite designers.

And here are some of my favorite design books I LUV to read AND style with:

Here are some of my favorite decor items to inspire you in styling your shelves:

Shop the items in my room (or very similar):

I hope this post has inspired you in any way to decorate in your own home! I’d LUV to hear what you took away from this. What did you LUV about this post? What do you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

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