All Things Valentine’s Day: Cute Heart Fashion, Gift Ideas for Him, Date Night Dresses

I asked you guys on Instagram what content you wanted to see for Valentine’s Day and the vote was spread. The top 3 things you mentioned you wanted to see were Valentine’s Day casual fashion, gift ideas for him and date night dresses! So I tried to cover a little bit of all of it here! I know a lot of people say V Day is overrated, but it remains special to me. However you decide to celebrate {or not}, I hope you feel the LUV…

My sweatshirt is only $11! Shipping was fast. I got mine in only a few days, so if you order soon, you should have with plenty of time for Valentine’s Day! My jeans are currently 50% off and run TTS! Here is my fav red designer bag (smaller version). Here are my Golden Goose sneakers. Here is my initial necklace that is only $15!

Festive Heart Fashion

Obsessed with this adorable heart sweater!

This pajama set is $11!

This adorable sweater is only $25 and you can use a coupon code to save more!

This sweater is from Amazon and comes in several colors…

Here is some ideas of casual things you can sport for Valentine’s Day!

Gift Ideas for Him:

This oversized canvas duffle bag is amazing for only $50! Take an extra step and give it to him with a note saying you’re going to a hotel for the night or you have a trip planned for another time!

These collar stays are under $12 and an adorable thoughtful gift for the guy who wears collared shirts regularly!

This putting mat is under $30 and perfect for the guy in your life who LUVs golf! It’s portable and can be set up anywhere so great for him to bring to his office too!

J started using this line of skincare 2 or 3 years ago, and now it’s pretty much all he uses! This is a great gift set for only $35 but a $56 value. It’s a great way for your guy to sample these items without making a big financial commitment!

Most people who know me know that this is my very favorite book. I think reading this book can do a lot for all of the relationships for your life! This one is currently on sale for around $9! Grab it for you, your SO, friend, anyone!

My husband is OBSESSED with backpacks! This TUMI one is currently on sale 20% off! (Not sure how long the sale will last.)

I bought this N’espresso maker for J for Christmas and it may be his favorite thing I’ve ever gotten him! This one is currently 20% off at the retailer I linked!

My husband got himself these shoes recently. He said they’re “all the rage” in California! LOL So, apparently he’s more ahead of fashion trends than I am but now I am seeing them a lot, so maybe he’s on to something! He also said they’re ridiculously comfortable!

Gifts for Him {Around $50 and Under}:

Gifts for Him $50+:

What to Wear ON Valentine’s Day!

This dress is only $20! I wore it Christmas and it’s great for Valentine’s Day too! Usually this retailer I size up, but I actually sized down on this dress bc it does run really big. I’m wearing a size 0, for reference. It also is a little low in the front, so here is the sticky bra I wore with it. Here are the shoes that I’m OBSESSED WITH!

Some Options for Valentine’s Day Dresses:

Hope this covers some of the things you guys wanted to see! Let me know if this inspired any of you and what ideas you guys have for gifts for him and other Heart Day-inspired ideas!

*Affiliate links were used in this post, which means I get a commission if you purchase items at my recommendation. Thanks, as always, for your support!

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