How I Feel About Dakota Reaching Her Milestones & Our Fav New Activity Mat by Tiny Love

*Thank you Tiny Love for sponsoring this post! I did receive compensation for my review of this product, but as usual, all opinions are my own and I do not endorse anything I do not absolutely LUV!

Because Dakota was born almost 2 months early, it’s been a little slower pushin’ over here on reaching some of her “milestones” than our other kids. Which is TOTALLY OK! For me, I’ve never put pressure on when my children sit, crawl, walk, give up their bottle (or binky) or worry when they’re going to stop needing things like their blanky or favorite stuffed animal in their backpack to get through the school day. “Pack that blanky in your backpack, baby!” These days are fleeting and the last thing I need is for them to grow faster than they already are! I know they won’t be taking their bottle or binky with them to college and they’ll be crawling/walking in no time. So, I’ll be honest, I just don’t worry about when their timing is to take that next step… no pun intended.

I’ll also say that I don’t believe that when a child sits, crawls or walks typically has any major indication as to their level of intelligence or their physical capabilities in their future (unless, of course, other conditions exist). I’ve learned through experiences from our first child, now to our third, that parents can put a lot of pressure on themselves as it pertains to their children’s milestones. For me, I say LET THEM BE LITTLE. And I embrace whatever pace my littles decide work for them.

Having said that, I absolutely LUV when I find a gadget that helps my littles embrace their skills and they’re having fun too! And I do think it’s amazing when you can find an activity for your kids that helps them find their motor skills in their own timing and encourages cognitive play! Did I mention that I don’t know what I would do without baby gear that Dakota likes to play with so I can actually get a few things done?! (Can I get an “Amen”!?)

We’re absolutely obsessed with our new Tiny Love Gymini Magic Tales Black & White activity gym! As a mom of 3, we’ve been through lots of activity centers and this is BY FAR our fav we’ve ever had! It’s amazing for her gross motor skills and cognition, and she doesn’t even realize she’s learning while she’s playing! šŸ™‚

Here are some of the great features that make it IMO the best play gym out there!

1: THE COLORS- I absolutely LUV when I can find black, white {and wood} toys. Obviously I want my kids’ toys to be fun for them, but I also REALLY like when they’re aesthetically pleasing in my home. šŸ™‚ After our first child, I cursed away the days of all primary colored toys… just being honest.

2: I LUV how the mat grows with your child. I honestly wish I’d had this gym when Dakota was only laying on her back, because it’s so visually stimulating that I think it keeps babies entertained extra long. The gyms contrasting black and white colors, textures and sounds stimulate baby’s senses from the very first days. Dakota likes to try and reach at the bat and badger wind chime and enjoys the musical feedback coming from the baby-activated musical toy. (There’s a toy that hangs that literally makes noises every time the baby makes contact with it. She LUVs the instant feedback!)

Now that she’s on her tummy a lot more, she LUVs the adjustable arches that give her plenty of room for tummy time. She likes to gaze at the contrast of the colors and the shapes on the removable black and white book and absolutely LUVs to stare at her reflection in the removable mirror. (This child LUVs looking at herself! lol)

She also LUVs playing with the removable star teether while she’s on her belly.

Now that Dakota is sitting well on her own, she loves exploring the hanging toys up close and personal. She can honestly sit on this thing forever and be entertained! The arches are also adjustable, so you can move them into an open position so she has even more room to play and so I can sit on it with her if I’d like. To move the arches, simply press and slide the connector and the arches move out of your way. (Not pictured.)

3: I LUV the removable accessories this play mat comes with! Like this star teether. It seems to be Dakota’s favorite new toy since getting this gym! (Clearly we’re in the teething stage right now!)

The removable book is also such a unique and adorable feature! When Dakota is on her tummy on the mat, I keep it tied to the side for her to gaze at, but she also LUVs taking it off and staring at the shapes…

… and teething on it. (Told you we’re teething.) lol It’s also a great toy to throw in your diaper bag and bring with you while you’re out. Trust me- this keeps them entertained for a while!

4: I LUV IT BECAUSE SHE LOVES IT! Honestly, we have so many toys and baby apparatus hanging around this house, and she truly LUVs this mat! There’s nothing better than watching the sheer joy on your baby’s face as they play and learn and grow!

Overall, we absolutely LUV our Tiny Love Gymini play mat! You guys know I don’t endorse something unless I genuinely LUV it, and this mat is no exception! I only wish we’d had it sooner, so she could have enjoyed it more during her infant stage (it was on backorder for months- so clearly it’s popular!), but I’m so happy we have it now!

AND… I’m SO EXCITED to say that Tiny Love has been so generous to offer one of my readers one of these play mats for their littles! Details will be in the Instagram post associated with this article, so head to my Instagram profile to enter!

The Tiny Love Gymini is available on Amazon (click the hyperlink) or just click the shoppable link below this paragraph. You can also read more about all of the features on this item and see all of the other amazing products Tiny Love has to offer by visiting their website:!

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our fav new toy! Comment on this post or my Insta if you have any questions at all!

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